Game of the Year 2020 Best Developer

What a year Square-Enix has had – especially where its Final Fantasy property is concerned. Without a doubt, Square-Enix’s ongoing and boundlessly successful rehabilitation of Final Fantasy XIV remains one of the industry’s most compelling Cinderella stories as the much loved MMORPG goes from strength to strength.

Ultimately though, it has to be their much anticipated release of Final Fantasy 7 Remake which has defined the Japanese developer in 2020. With 23 years of gargantuan expectation resting on their shoulders, Square-Enix didn’t just re-release its JRPG classic with better visuals; the Japanese developer strove instead to restructure the combat and story, breathing unexpected new life into arguably one of the greatest JRPGs of all-time.

So with Final Fantasy XIV continuing to bolster its claim as the best MMORPG ever and Final Fantasy 7 Remake living up to the hype, we’d say that Square-Enix has more than earned its Best Developer nod this year.

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