When it comes to game releases (but not much else), 2020 is a year that’s very easy to be enamoured by. Thanks to a number of excellent games released over the course of the last twelve months, many of which have been widely anticipated for many years, we can safely say that the eighth console generation was sent out with a bang. But of course, as is the case with any year, there were plenty of bad games that we had the misfortune of playing as well- some that failed to live up to expectations, some that looked underwhelming right out the gate, and others that rightly flew under the radar for most people. Those are the games that we’re going to be talking about here. So without further ado, here are the worst games of 2020.



Ubisoft’s 2003 first person shooter XIII has been the quintessential cult classic for many years, and the news that it would be remade was met positively by those who still hold the game dear in their hearts. XIII’s 2020 remake, however, could not have done a worse job of paying homage to the original if it had tried. Terrible AI and bland shooting mechanics are cardinal sins that no shooter to commit, but XIII commits them on a regular basis. Add to that a number of terrible technical issues, many of which make the game flat out unplayable, in addition to an aesthetic that doesn’t pop nearly as much as the original game’s visuals did, and what you’re left with is a broken mess of a game that had no right to release in the state it did.