Busby home

The Busby home needs to be large enough to accommodate a family of eight, which it undoubtedly is. Of course, there are plenty of big families who make do with a moderate-sized home, but the Busby family opted for ample space. When it comes to their home and their family size, Adam and Danielle Busby, stars of TLC’s OutDaughtered, have stayed true to the Lone Star State sentiment: Everything is bigger in Texas.

Fans of OutDaughtered have gotten to know not only the Busby parents and their children — Olivia Marie, Ava Lane, Hazel Grace, Parker Kate and Riley Paige, and older sister, Blayke — but also the places they’ve called home. The series showed the family move houses due to a major mold problem, but their newer digs are arguably just as —if not more — impressive. While the Busby home can be seen in the background of the show, there’s still a lot the cameras might not have shown you about the family home and what it looks like in real life. Here’s the scoop.

The Busby home features an awesome backyard

Busby home

Like many parents with young children, Adam and Danielle Busby like to make sure their kids have plenty of activities to keep them busy. And when it comes to keeping six girls occupied, it’s probably not a walk in the park. Thankfully, though, the Busby home has a seriously awesome backyard — and that’s actually part of the reason why the family fell in love with the home in the first place.

Although the move was meant to be temporary while their original house underwent mold remediation, the couple ultimately decided to sell the home and remain at their rental property, Good Housekeeping reported in January 2020.

In an earlier interview with the publication, Danielle dished about some of the perks of the home, including the backyard. "It definitely has the space that I think we need," she said. "The yard is the most beneficial, we like for the kids to play outside — we don’t like our kids being on iPads and that kind of stuff." Staying at the home might not have been planned, but there’s no denying the fact that it worked out perfectly, especially for the kids.

There’s an amazing playroom in the Busby home

Busby home

Another must-have in any large family’s home? A play area for the kids. Whether it’s in their bedrooms, the living room, or a separate room entirely, it’s great for kids to have a space of their own to learn through play. As you could’ve probably guessed, the playroom in the Busby home is nothing short of spectacular.

When the family first started looking for a temporary home after learning of the mold issue, Danielle Busby took the girls to look at rental houses. Ultimately, they ended up with a home that featured a playroom large enough to fit all the girls at one time and even big enough to house a large projection screen. The room clearly gets plenty of use in real life, as Danielle posted a photo on Instagram of some of the quints drawing while watching a tutorial on the big screen. The mom of six jokingly thanked YouTube for keeping her kids occupied.

The Busby home underwent a kitchen renovation

Busby home

After the Busby family relocated to their rental home, Danielle began to miss her old place. "I miss my big, big kitchen," she told Good Housekeeping. "It’s a give and take on lots of different things … there are things about my home that are getting repaired that I miss so much."

But, fortunately for them, the Busby family was able to start a kitchen remodel in 2020. As In Touch Weekly reported, Danielle gave a brief tour of the room. "OK, kitchen remodel is still underway, and it’s a hot mess still in this kitchen, but look at my island!" Danielle exclaimed. "Look at the detail! So stinking cute," she added, also showing off the mudroom that was being added — cubbies and all.

Adam Busby also took to his Instagram to share an adorable photo of Riley getting in on the demolition action. Hopefully Danielle misses her old kitchen a little less after the renovation is complete.

The quints’ bedrooms in the Busby home are simple and sweet

Busby home

It’s understandable that both Adam and Danielle Busby would be a little precarious abut decorating their kids’ bedrooms. After all, kids make a whole lot of messes and considering the Busbys originally thought their new home was going to be temporary, why would they want to spend too much time decorating? Of course, that changed the longer the family stayed in the home.

In an episode of OutDaughtered, Adam can be seen switching out some of the kids’ furniture and even though the rooms were a bit sparse, their little matching white twin beds alone make the sapces even cuter. Additionally, in February 2020, Danielle took to Instagram to share that she was working hard to make the girls’ rooms more adorable. "Hazel and Parker Kate‘s new little sitting corner I’m their room," she wrote. "We are finally making some decorating progress. I feel like since we became a family of eight, I haven’t really decorated anything in our house. This [year’s] house goal is to get all the kids rooms decorated and actually put pictures on the wall." So far, Danielle is doing an excellent job at making the quints’ rooms look and feel like home.

The Busby home boasts a serene patio

Busby home

When you live somewhere like Texas, where it’s hardly ever freezing cold, you’d undoubtedly want to take advantage of the outdoors. And, with as many kids as the Busbys have, it makes sense that they would want a home with plenty of al fresco space. Fortunately for them, the Busby home has a beautiful patio. So great, in fact, that they’ve been spending a lot more time out there in 2020.

As the Busby home has undergone extensive kitchen renovations, they’ve had to get creative with where they spend time together. As Danielle Busby noted in an Instagram post, their patio has really come in handy during that time. "Little update to our ‘dining table,’" she joked in her caption. "As you can see through the windows … it’s a construction mess in our house. I needed a spot to feel homey … so [I] took out a few things and dressed up the table." Still, even before their kitchen was being renovated, the Busbys spent a good amount of time hanging out outside on their patio, proving it’s one of the best spaces of the house.

The dining table is the heart of the Busby home

Busby home

Many modern-day American families have abandoned the dining table as a place to sit and eat together as a family, but with six kids — five of which being the same age — the Busby family isn’t exactly like any other family. Adam and Danielle Busby have to work together to wrangle the quints and oldest daughter Blayke and, as it turns out, the dining space is actually an ideal spot to get everyone in the same area.

Yes, the Busby family dining table has become a meeting place of sorts. In one episode of OutDaughtered, Danielle can be seen sitting the girls down in the kitchen and dining room to explain the chore wheel. Despite the nature of the chore wheel, the girls all seemed pretty pumped about it. In another episode, the dining table became a school table when Adam attempted to homeschool the quints while their school was temporarily closed in 2020.

Clearly, the dining table comes in handy for this large family. Although the dining room was transformed during the Busby family’s extensive renovation, the family made sure to relocate the large table to the kitchen.

The living room in the Busby home is comfy-cozy

Busby home

The Busby home has to have enough room to house eight people and the family dog, but even with all the space they have inside and outside, the family — like most families — still tends to spend a lot of time in their living room. And in real life, the Busby living room is pretty cozy. Both Adam and Danielle Busby have shared pictures to Instagram of their cozy living room, which includes an oversized coach to seat the entire family.

In an episode of OutDaughtered, when the Easter Bunny came to say hello to the quints, the Busby living room can be seen in full view, and it’s seriously down to earth. Of course, the living room looks nice, but just as anyone would expect in a family of that size, it isn’t perfectly organized. There are clothes, toys, and other things strewn about, making the Busby family that much more relatable.

The pool may be the best part of the Busby home

Busby home

One of the best features of the Busby family house is the amazing pool. In Texas, where summer temperatures can reach triple digits easily, a pool is pretty much necessary — especially when you have kids to entertain. For the Busbys, the pool in their backyard is practically an escape in and of itself, and their multiple photos and posts featuring the pool make it look seriously enticing.

Both Adam and Danielle Busby have shared a ton of photos of the pool to their Instagram accounts, and Danielle told Good Housekeeping in a July 2019 interview that the pool was something everyone in the family could appreciate and enjoy. "We want them to play and interact so there’s a pool, there’s a huge yard … it’s definitely a plus in that aspect," she explained. Though the Busbys enjoy a good vacation, there’s no denying the fact that their backyard is practically a resort thanks to that awesome pool.

The backyard playground at the Busby home is magical

Busby home

Every little kid’s dream at one point or another is to have their very own playground in their backyard. And for the Busby girls, that dream has already come true. If you’ve never seen an episode of OutDaughtered, you may not be familiar with the girls’ totally awesome backyard playground. Seriously, who needs a park with that thing?

According to Adam and Danielle Busby’s Instagram feeds, the playground has already gotten quite a lot of use. As stay-at-home orders were enforced throughout the country in spring and summer 2020, it’s no wonder the Busby family used their playground a ton. In one Instagram post, Danielle joked about how often her kids want to be pushed on the swing set. "Been wondering why my shoulders have been so sore … guess this is why," she captioned a photo of her pushing one of her daughters on a swing. "’Push me! Push meee! Mama push meeee! MAMA! Pushhh me!’ said the quints," Danielle joked. Having your own playground definitely makes staying home easier, that’s for sure!

Their front yard is seriously huge

Busby home

Thanks to all their many business ventures and, of course, the success of OutDaughtered, the Busby family has been able to expand their home and truly make it their own. While the backyard at their Texas abode may be resort-like, their front yard is also seriously huge, and a place where plenty of memories are made.

The Busby front yard is both immaculate and massive, with a large driveway, plenty of soft, green grass, and trees. It just so happens to be the perfect play space for their six daughters. The kids often take to their front yard to ride their bikes, scooters, and skateboards, and who could blame them?

With the 2020 remodel of their home, the Busby family spent more time than ever outdoors, and their front yard surely made the perfect escape — even just from the construction site going on indoors.

The Busbys’ remodel would make Joanna Gaines proud

Busby kitchen

In 2020, the Busby family made some exciting renovations around their home. Although the majority of the updates were in the kitchen, there were other areas throughout the rest of the house that received a refresh.

In an August 2020 YouTube video for their It’s A Buzz World channel, Adam and Danielle Busby gave their fans a glimpse of their renovations, and showed that by remodeling a lot of the interior, the Busbys were able to make the home more their style.

Danielle described their taste as being a modern farmhouse look, with just a touch of an industrial feel. The updates included a lot of shiplap — which we know would make Joanna Gaines proud — and modern appliances. Additionally, a staircase was removed, the former dining room became a large pantry, and the former pantry was turned into a mudroom. The Busbys also knocked down some walls to make their home feel more open, a big improvement in their eyes.

The Busby family’s kitchen features are so luxurious

Busby home

Thanks to their kitchen remodel, the Busby home got some major upgrades. They didn’t just install new countertops or order a new fridge. No, they went all out and basically turned their old, dark kitchen into a bright dream kitchen that looks like it belongs on the cover of a home design magazine.

Their kitchen remodel saw plenty of updates, including some fancy new gadgets. "So this is the Adam Busby must-have," Danielle said as Blayke demonstrated the cool one-touch feature of their new kitchen faucet. Danielle added that she got gold drain fixtures to match the faucet, which gave the entire sink a very luxurious feel. But that’s not the only cool new feature in their kitchen. A pot filler was added above the stove, which allows the family to fill big pots without having to lug them to and from the sink.

Danielle also showed off her new coffee bar area, complete with it’s own pot filler as per Adam’s request. Their new kitchen also has some gorgeous gold fixtures and lighting updates that make it look ultra-modern, sleek and cool.

The Busbys’ stairs got a big update

Busby stairs

Fans of OutDaughtered could probably spot the Busby stairs from a mile away, as they’re kind of iconic. In one episode of OutDaughtered, the stairs were featured when Adam shot a commercial for children’s’ vitamins. The commercial turned out great, by the way. But with their 2020 remodel, the Bubsy stairs got a fresh, new look.

In a YouTube video showcasing the progress of their home renovation, Adam Busby described what they had done to their stairs, and the end result is gorgeous. "These stairs used to all be carpeted, and there used to be like a landing right there in the middle with a door that would go back into [the wall beside the stairs]. All this was open going into the dining room," he explained, pointing to an area at the bottom of the stairs, "And now, we’ve got wood stairs with black rails — and it’s all just one continuous rail all the way down. It looks really, really, really good." Clearly, the Busbys are happy with their staircase update. And we can see why.

Danielle Busby has a favorite spot in her house

Bubsy pantry

As a mom of six, it’s not a secret that Danielle Busby has a lot to organize and cook and clean for her kids. But with her home remodel, there was one unexpected space that she claims is her new favorite spot in the house.

In her YouTube video showing the remodel progress with older daughter, Blayke, Danielle told the camera how the formal dining room was transformed into a pantry. Danielle exclaimed, "Which is, like, my favorite place ever!" Danielle showed what their old pantry looked like and how tiny it was in comparison. With the expansion of their pantry, the Busby family finally has enough space to store everything they needed.

"We buy a lot of things in bulk; we had nowhere to put stuff," Danielle explained. She then showed off her new farmhouse-style door leading into the pantry. The pantry is so big it has its own island, which is painted to match the island in the kitchen. And, because the space was originally a dining room, it has a large bay window. Additionally, the pantry features plenty of organization and spaces for snacks, which is a top priority for any family.