Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment’s upcoming Harry Potter RPG will reportedly finally see the light of day in 2021, according to a report on Reddit.

Harry Potter RPG Release Update

Developed by Avalanche Studios, the Harry Potter RPG has been leaked numerous times via some shaky cam footage, although an official reveal has continued to remain elusive. However, a user on Reddit claims that Warner Bros. has been in touch with a localisation company for the game’s distribution, which reveals a 2021 launch window.

Nothing has been confirmed right now, so take this with an obligatory pinch of salt. However, we imagine Warner Bros. will finally lift the curtains on the Harry Potter RPG soon enough, as it’s leaked enough times already.

The Harry Potter RPG is reportedly a triple-A title where you’re able to create your own Hogwarts student and choose whether they will align themselves with the forces of good or evil. It sounds interesting for sure, so hopefully it’ll live up to expectations.