Jazmine Johnson Fitness Mental Health

Jazmin Johnson‘s fabulous fit physique comes courtesy of a strict diet and disciplined workout routine. The Married to Medicine Los Angeles mom does not play when it comes to meal prepping and breaking a sweat — she’s even found a "funny" way to tone her arms at home. However, chiseled abs and toned arms and legs aren’t the only benefits Jazmin reaps from a healthy and active lifestyle.

In a recent Instagram Stories snap, Jazmin shared that fitness also helps her mental health, along with a list of reasons as to how. In the photo, Jazmin wrote that fitness, "brings clarity to my thoughts," and "helps me organize my thoughts." She added that it also "reduces" her anxiety and "releases healthy endorphins."

Jazmine Johnson Fitness Mental Health 1

While Jazmin is all about fitness today, she didn’t always enjoy working out. "I LOVE working out. How many people can actually say that & mean it?! I certainly didn’t say that when I began my journey 10 years ago," she revealed in an IG post on July 16 promoting her new "Mentally Fit" fitness program.

Jazmin shared that she had to get her "mind right." She explained, "I had to experience & overcome all of the challenging emotions … shame, pain, discouragement, discomfort, anxiety, procrastination, helplessness, hopelessness, lack of confidence, anger, sadness, embarrassment, tiredness, the list goes on."

She added, "All of these emotions became mental hurdles for me. It was me against those emotions … those temporary emotions. In the moment they consumed me, they dictated my actions & controlled my mood. But feelings are NOT facts, they’re temporary & they change."