It sounds like being an annoying character is enough to make people rejoice that Caillou has been canceled, but by that measure, it does feel that there should be a lot of other characters that ought to be canceled as well if that’s all it takes. It’s only been 20 years since people started watching Caillou, and apparently, it’s taken this long for the network to finally take the show off the air since Caillou is a whiny and devilish brat that teaches bad behavior and has no educational quality to it at all. Are people serious? It almost feels as though this might be a joke that someone will reveal later on to be a social experiment of some sort, since if one really wants to start canceling annoying cartoons, then there’s an entire list out there that should be put up for consideration since there are plenty of cartoons that have come and gone that didn’t have much if any, real educational value. Don’t get it twisted, I’m not about to jump on the cancel culture express, but the idea of canceling something simply because it’s not liked is nothing new, nor is calling for the cancelation of a show simply because it rubs someone the wrong way. So, should we go down the list of cartoons that really have no educational value and feature annoying characters that a lot of people really don’t care about?

Many have already said that cancel culture is getting out of control and this is just one more example of it since like it or not, Caillou is a part of pop culture and he’s not even the most offensive part when one really gets down to it. Spongebob Squarepants, Looney Tunes, any cartoon with Donald Duck in it, Tom and Jerry, Gravity Falls, and various other shows have been popular for years, and while people have spoken out about them they’ve remained quite often, even if they’ve been banned in certain countries. Do you want to know why? It’s because those that can watch a show for what it is, not what they want it to be, will either find a way to enjoy it or simply turn it off and ignore it. That’s it, plain and simple. There’s this wonderful device on a remote control called the POWER button that will allow a person to turn the TV off, and if that’s not an option there’s always the ability to switch the channel or stream a different show, it’s amazing how many options are out there that people just don’t think about before ‘cancel’ becomes the only idea left to them. While Caillou might be a problem for some folks that don’t want their kids watching this program, all it really takes is turning off the TV when it’s on, or telling them to switch the channel. But it does kind of sound as though people aren’t really keen on that idea and are firm on their need to celebrate a show being taken off the air.

If that feels petty to you then you’re not alone since it feels like an incredible waste of time and effort to complain about a show that will be taken off the air if no one watches it. That might sound like a long shot for a lot of people, but the truth of it is if that a show doesn’t get watched, and it doesn’t pull in the ratings, then it’s not going to last as long. So obviously, for quite some time, long enough for some adults to have watched the show as kids, in fact, Caillou has been around and has been whining and winning despite what people want to say about it. Not having watched more than ten minutes of the show I can still say that the kid is a whiny little pain in the backside that probably won’t be missed by a lot of people after a couple of months go by, but the need to straight out cancel the show is something that doesn’t appear to be a great use of a person’s time since canceling anything is akin to saying that those that agree that something isn’t worth watching should get their say over those that might actually enjoy watching the show. Like it or not, what one person hates, another person might enjoy immensely, and trying to cancel everything that’s not liked is kind of a futile act since there will be someone, somewhere, that will raise a stink about the attempt to cancel anything they happen to care about.

So really, the ‘celebration’ that parents want to have over the fact that Caillou has been canceled is kind of pointless since the many other cartoons they’ve decided to leave alone are either just as bad, or worse.