best ps5 racing games ranked 2021

What are the best PS5 racing games in January 2021? Tearing around corners at high speed and trading paint with your rivals are all hallmarks of great racing games. There might not be many PlayStation 5 racing games right now, but keep coming back to check out our constantly updated guide covering the best PS5 racing games ranked in January 2021.

Best PS5 Racing Games Ranked In January 2021

1. Dirt 5

An overhaul of the Dirt rally experience, Dirt 5 is easily the most visually spectacular and accessible entry in the series. With an emphasis on arcade style handling and larger than life tracks, this is Dirt like you’ve never seen it before.

A joy to play and astounding to look at, Dirt 5 soars on PlayStation 5 with split-screen multiplayer modes, 120 FPS support and a charm-stuffed single player campaign that boasts the voice talents of Nolan North and Troy Baker.

If you’re looking for a racing game to show off your PlayStation 5, Dirt 5 is your huckleberry.

2. WRC 9

Marrying the spectacle of the rally racing with a deep handling model and a highly detailed weather system, WRC 9 is a superb take on the world’s muddiest motorsport.

On PS5, WRC 9 is the best it has ever looked because of its razor sharp 4K, 60 FPS presentation. Boasting a wide variety of accurate rally and cars to tear around them in, WRC 9 is a must-have for hardcore rally fans everywhere.