When you choose a Covenant in Shadowlands, you are given extra abilities to use — one class-based that typically increases throughput, and one universal ability that tends to be more about utility. For the Night Fae, that ability is Soulshape, a hybrid Blink-Dash-Ghost Wolf ability that gives you some additional mobility, lasting for 16 seconds out in the world and indefinitely while in a rested area, i.e. you can hang out in Soulshape in a city all day long. The speed boost is secondary for most people, though, as one of the features of Soulshape is the ability to change your appearance.

There are currently 19 different Soulshapes available to players: the default Vulpin shape and 18 others acquired in various ways. The additional appearances are all unlocked via a quest object that you bring to Lady Muunn in your Covenant, which is convenient as she is also the NPC that lets you choose your Soulshape appearance. It’s swappable at any time (there is no cooldown), although unlocking Soulshapes isn’t accountwide so you’ll need to do a planning to make sure your Night Fae toons are targeting their own desired Soulshape.

Soulshapes acquired via Covenant Activities

A healthy number of the Soulshapes that you can obtain come through the various activities associated with the Night Fae. These are nice because they come about organically as you play through the Covenant Campaign and use your Sanctum Upgrades. If there’s a specific Soulshape that comes from a Sanctum Upgrade, you may wish to focus on that one first to accelerate the acquisition.

The Covenant Campaign itself rewards two Soulshapes:

  • Equine Soul, which is acquired by completing Chapter 5 of the Campaign, unlocked at Renown 11
  • Ardenmoth Soul, which is acquired during the final Chapter of the Campaign, unlocked at Renown 22

Another Soulshape, the Heron Soul Crane Soul, can be purchased once you’re Honored with the Wild Hunt faction for 1500 Anima.

The Anima Conductor opens up four different Soulshapes. The Moose Soul is available to purchase for 1500 Anima from Master Clerk Salorn after defeating five different Star Lake Amphitheatre rares. Note that it’s not required that you use your Anima Conductor to unlock the rare: as long as you participate in a kill you’ll gain credit. Since there isn’t a set cycle of appearances, it may take longer than five days to complete the unlock.

Valfir the Unrelenting is a rare in southwest Ardenweald that drops the Shadowstalker Soul. When he is up, he has a buff that prevents almost all damage; however, someone who has channeled their Anima Conductor to his area is able to use Animaseed Light to remove the buff. Level 3 Anima Conductor is required to do this, but you don’t need to have upgraded to level 3 to attack, kill, and loot Valfir. Since there are a fair number of characters that have opened up level 3 Anima Conductors and Valfir drops a mount, it’s pretty easy to find a raid to join via the groupfinder. The Soulshape has a very high (guaranteed?) drop chance for Night Fae members.

Two other Soulshapes are available via the Anima Conductor’s reputation faction, the Court of Night. Once you’re Friendly with them, you can purchase the Leonine Soul and the Lupine Soul from the faction vendor Spindlenose for 1500 Anima and 5 Grateful Offerings each.

The Night Fae transportation network Sanctum Upgrade opens up a reputation as well, with Marasmius. Once you are Friendly with the faction, you’ll be able to purchase the Ursine Soul and the Tiger Soul from the quartermaster Cortinarius. These cost 1500 Anima apiece like the other reputation-based Soulshapes

The final two Soulshapes you can acquire from Covenant activities come from the Queen’s Conservatory, the Night Fae’s unique Sanctum Upgrade. Unlike the other Soulshapes in this section, the Gulper Soul and Snapper Soul are drops from activities within the Queen’s Conservatory, meaning if you desire these Soulshapes you may need to deal with RNG — it is currently unknown whether or not these are guaranteed drops when using a specific combination of materials.

Soulshapes that drop from bad guys

Other Soulshapes are found “in the wild,” dropping from specific bosses or activities. In some cases there is some confusion as to whether or not a drop is guaranteed, so if you are in pursuit of one or more these Soulshapes it may require multiple attempts.

Besides Valfir the Unrelenting, two other rares found in Ardenweald can drop Soulshapes:

PVP activities can reward two Soulshapes, the Gryphon Soul and the Wyvern Soul. Despite their faction-based appearances, there are no faction restrictions for these Soulshapes and either can drop when completing PVP events. Most acquisition reports indicate that they were from rated Arena runs, but they do appear to drop from Random BGs so Rated PVP may not be required to obtain.

Dungeons are also a source of Soulshapes, as two of them drop regardless of difficulty — although it’s currently not confirmed if they can be rewards from a Mythic+ chest, and it is also unknown whether higher difficulties also have higher drop rates. Raptor Soul drops from Mueh’zala in De Other Side and Shrieker Soul drops from Mistcaller in the Mists of Tirna Scithe dungeon.

The final known Soulshape available to players is the Veilwing Soul, which drops from Sire Denathrius in Castle Nathria. It is a guaranteed drop on Heroic or Mythic difficulty, but still has a chance to drop on Normal Difficulty (as of this article publication date, LFR Sire Denathrius has not unlocked, so it is currently unknown whether or not the Veilwing Soul will drop on that difficulty — this article will be updated when LFR Sire Denathrius is lootable).

Future Soulshapes

We don’t know whether Blizzard intends to make more Soulshapes available in the future. Datamining has revealed that there are three additional Soulshapes with quests in the game — Hippogryph Soul, Owlcat Soul, and Stag Soul — but no indication whether they are implemented. In addition, Cobra and Hyena have Soulshapes in the files but no quests, so while not currently available they are candidates for the future. Finally, there are many NPCs using Soulshapes unavailable to players, and while I don’t expect to see mice or celestial dragons as player options, there’s a large range between those two extremes.

Hopefully Blizzard will continue to add Soulshapes to the game throughout Shadowlands’ patches as they’re a fun addition to the game. And while I don’t expect them to be widely available in the next expansion, hopefully they won’t be abandoned entirely and find another way into the game.