Sylvester Stallone is not only a decorated actor and bona fide action-hero, he and wife Jennifer Flavin are the parents of three incredibly stunning daughters: Sophia, Sistine, and Scarlet. Together, these beautiful ladies have single-handedly captured the spirit of young Hollywood—all three were jointly named "Miss Golden Globe" for the 2017 award show. Each girl has her own personality, focus, and bright future ahead of her. Let’s learn more about these fascinating women and the family dynamic with their superstar dad.

They turned Sly into a softy

When you thinks of Sylvester, terms such as "macho" and "fierce" come to mind, but as he shared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2016, living with all these women has softened him significantly. The Expendables (2010) star said his wife and daughters rule the roost and he’s just lucky to have a place at all.

"I basically just keep my mouth shut and don’t cause waves," he joked. "Again she’s fantastic," Sylvester said, referring to his wife of nearly 20 years. "But it’s all women. Women rule. Even the dogs: they’re female and one male’s been neutered." He said he considers himself "tenderized" by the ladies in his life.

Sly admits he was a ‘pathetic’ dad

After winning a Golden Globe for best supporting actor in Creed (2015), Sylvester shared some personal details about his family life. Specifically, he talked about how his busy movie career often pulled him away from his children—something he has struggled to cope with his entire life, according to Variety.

"They really had no idea who I am," he said of his kids witnessing his career high. "And to tell you the truth, it’s okay. I was kind of a peripatetic actor—I was always on the road. Then I realized family is everything."

Sylvester said he doesn’t want his kids to think of him negatively when they look back at their childhoods. "Finally, they get to understand that they have a loving father and movies are wonderful but they pale to life," he said, adding that his wife often parented the three girls alone. "I give my wife [Jennifer] all the credit because I’m pretty pathetic as a parent. She’s great," he said.

He taught his girls how to throw a punch

Even though Sylvester spent a ton of time on the road, he made sure to instill a daily routine in his daughters that has stuck with them to this day. Speaking with Harper’s Bazaar, Sophia said, "We’d get up really early, like 6 a.m. and do 20 sit-ups and push-ups, practice our shot put—he wanted us to be really good at shot-putting for some reason—learn how to throw a punch, and practice golf."

The girls’ mother, Jennifer, also spoke about this routine in an interview with The Telegraph. "Sly started them boxing when they were four. Everyday before school they would have to box, throw a baseball or do push-ups and sit-ups–and I mean the real ‘boy’ kind." Sistine chimed in and said that thanks to their dad’s training they never had to worried about being bullied, "because we’re not just about shopping: we can throw a punch, we can pitch and we can run faster than a boy."

Sly doesn’t go all Rambo on their boyfriends

With three knockout daughters, one would think Sylvester would be a strict dad who’d shield his princesses from suitors, but as it turns out, he’s reportedly not as strict as his movie characters might suggest.

"You would think that he’s so against it, because he’s Rambo and he’s going to show up with a bazooka at the door when they come, but really he’s very nice," Sistine told E! News.

"He’s a big softy," Sophia confirmed to Access Hollywood, although she did also say that Sly isn’t too keen on his girls stepping out with a dude who has a weak handshake. "One thing he does is, when [a potential suitor] shakes his hand, he says, ‘Grip it like a man.’ So then every time they come over, they’re like ‘Mr. Stallone, is that better?’"

Imagine being a young man who just got told by Rocky Balboa that his handshake sucks. That probably takes him down a peg or two, and maybe makes him a little less confident to go in for that goodnight kiss. Genius, Sly.

They shared the Miss Golden Globe title

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association selected all three of Sly’s daughters to share the duties of Miss Golden Globe 2017. According to E! News, that was the first time any set of siblings have shared the distinguished title.

The girls recognized their history-making moment in a joint statement, saying they were "thrilled" to be "part of the Golden Globe tradition," and "proud to be part of the HFPA family, an organization that multiple times has recognized our father’s work in film." In doing so, Sophia, Sistine, and Scarlet, who were 21, 19, and 15 at the Globes, joined the ranks of famous kids such as Dakota Johnson (Melanie Griffith’s daughter) and Corinne Foxx (Jamie Foxx’s daughter) who were previously selected for the honor.

So, how did it go? The girls performed flawlessly, which to them meant nobody "slipped onstage," according to their interview in Harper’s Bazaar. Each one also described their individual starstruck moments on the big night: "Sistine’s ‘heart skipped a beat’ when Leonardo DiCaprio remembered having met her through her parents, Scarlet ‘fainted a little’ when she congratulated Ryan Gosling and he smiled at her, and Sophia got ‘really bumbly’ with Ryan Reynolds."

Sophia, the academic

As the eldest daughter of the Rocky franchise icon, Sophia is a knock-out whose public persona remains relatively reserved. She rarely gives interviews, but when speaking with Harper’s Bazaar, she conceded that she’s "the most serious of the three." A communications major at the University of Southern California, she’s also a member of the Delta Gamma sorority. Sophia reportedly has ambitions in entrepreneurship and film, and is certainly a fashionista with a clear zest for fun with friends and family. Travel also appears to be among her top priorities, having visited Venice, Paris, London, and the Caribbean.

While she’s matured into a successful young woman, Sophia’s childhood was rocked by a rare condition that resulted in surgery at just 2 ½ months old. According to E! News, she underwent open-heart surgery to repair a hole in her heart. "I’ve been staying at the hospital with Jennifer every night," Sylvester said at the time, in a statement. "I have been blessed with two miracles within the past nine weeks—that of my daughter being born and that of my daughter being reborn."

Sophia underwent heart surgery again in 2012. Thankfully, the procedure was a success. She told Paris Match that she carefully monitors her health. "Every day I think of my heart," she said. "I eat healthy, and as I get more tired than normal, I have to be very careful when doing sports."

Sistine, the model

Middle sister Sistine is the statuesque beauty of the family who’s following in the footsteps of her ’90s supermodel mother and becoming a catwalk queen. Represented by IMG Models, Sistine has already captured the attention of famed fashion photographers Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, and she’s appeared in fashion bible Vogue. The magazine called her a rising star.

Sistine credits her mom for helping her make a mark in the biz. "She has taught me to show up on time and be willing to do what it takes to deliver the photographers [sic] vision," she told Vogue. "’Arrive a little bit early, stay a little bit later, and work as hard as you can in between,’"

Although models often try to transition into acting, which seems like a natural progression considering her dad is a cinematic legend, Sistine doesn’t want to go that route. "I don’t enjoy acting as much as I love modeling," she told Vogue.

From the looks of her Instagram account, Sistine could go far in the fashion world. She’s got every angle down to a science and is quickly snagging runway jobs. Watch out, Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, there’s a new leggy gal on the prowl!

Scarlet, the tomboy

Scarlet is the baby of the family and the apple of her father’s eye. While she’s too young to be thinking seriously about a career, Scarlet seems totally happy being a rich kid. When she isn’t jet setting with her father all over the world, she can be found setting the track ablaze at her local high school, or longing to be shooting hoops instead of having her hair and makeup done for an interview. Of the Stallone sisters, she seems to be the one who’s inherited her father’s athletic abilities. In May 2016, Sylvester posted a proud video of his daughter racing around the track during an event, dubbing her "The Flash."

Another trait that seems specific to Scarlet is her killer sense of humor—her sisters even believe she has a future in stand-up comedy. Occasionally making cameos on her father’s Instagram account, the dad-daughter duo jokes about the family’s very poofy Pomeranian and travel. It’s truly adorable to watch the pair banter, and it seems Sylvester takes pride in protecting his girls from the crazy showbiz world.

Acting isn’t their thing

Though Sistine has already made a name for herself in the modeling world, she’s expressed that she wants to temper her runway career with college. Sophia would like to "start a makeup or fashion line," and although she’s also minoring in "entrepreneurship and film," she’s not likely to wind up in front of the camera like her dad.

"I don’t think any of us have the acting gene," Sophia told Harper’s Bazaar, pointing out the story of how her youngest sister, Scarlet, turfed her first acting gig in the 2014 film Reach Me. "I literally just had to say one tiny line, and they had to cut that in half! It was pretty humiliating," Scarlet said of the experience.

They tolerate their dad’s Instagram

Sylvester’s Instagram has become notorious for his slice-of-life videos, many of which involve him fawning over his daughters in the most adorably dad kind of way. But if you ask the girls, they’re not thrilled having dad’s phone glued to their faces.

When asked about Sly’s social media game on Access Hollywood, all three girls uttered a simultaneous groan. "Everyone else seems to like it but us," Sistine said, adding, "I don’t know about you, but I don’t want a phone in my face when I wake up first thing in the morning."

Sophia was more chill about it, saying, "No, we love it. It shows us who we really are, because we’re really—we’re raw, we’re fun, we’re really outgoing…it’s almost like a reality show on his Instagram."

The girls definitely play along, like in this hilarious clip of them acting out a Justin Timberlake sketch from SNL, or this one of Sistine whacking the absolute crap out of a golf ball, or this one of Scarlet adorably turning the tables on her pop. Come on, girls, admit it: You love being daddy’s little social media starlets.

Brothers from another mother

While Sylvester’s three daughters share much of the spotlight and attention, the movie star has two sons from his previous marriage to photographer Sasha Czack. Seargeoh Stallone was born in 1979 and diagnosed with autism at age 3. Firstborn Sage Stallone was born in 1976 but passed away in 2012. According to CNN, Sage died at age 36 from atherosclerosis, which caused a heart attack. There was no foul play or illegal drugs involved in his death, though rumors ran rampant in the immediate aftermath.

"When a parent loses a child there is no greater pain," Sylvester said in a statement. "Therefore I am imploring people to respect my wonderfully talented son’s memory and feel compassion for his loving mother, Sasha, because this agonizing loss will be felt for the rest of our lives. Sage was our first child and the center of our universe and I am humbly begging for all to have my son’s memory and soul left in peace."

After winning the Golden Globe, Sylvester revealed that he used his own relationship with his late son as emotional leverage in Creed, which deeply explores conflicting father-son relationships "To be frank, any time you can vent emotions that are real, I think it’s very, very helpful," he said (via Us Weekly.) "Most importantly I wanted to respect his memory, and I think we did."