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Meghan McCain is a mom! The View panelist and her husband Ben Domenech welcomed their first child, a baby girl named Liberty Sage McCain Domenech. A rep for McCain told PEOPLE that the new mother and her little bundle of joy are “happy and healthy.”

On Sept. 18, 2020, McCain posted a selfie saying she had 2.5 weeks left until her due date, adding that she felt like “Shamu.”

The daughter of the late Sen. John McCain revealed in March that she and Domenech were expecting following a heartbreaking miscarriage less than a year earlier.

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Topknot Friday! 2.5 weeks until my due date and trying to keep myself looking as stylish as humanly possible while feeling like shamu.

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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, McCain’s doctor instructed her to be “extra vigilant” about being around people, leading her to appear on The View remotely from home.

McCain opened up about her miscarriage in a July 2019 op-ed for The New York Times, calling the experience “horrendous.”

“For a brief moment, I had the privilege of seeing myself in the sisterhood of motherhood,” she wrote. “I had a miscarriage. I loved my baby, and I always will. To the end of my days I will remember this child—and whatever children come will not obscure that.”

The conservative personality later revealed on Good Morning America that she blamed herself for losing her baby.

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“I blamed the stress of my life and I blamed being older and I blamed my personality and I blamed things that were not rational,” she said. “I, since then, have just tried to go a little easier on myself on all things having to do with motherhood and pregnancy-related, because it’s not easy being a woman. It’s just not. And I know how hard I was on myself and I’m sure a lot of women do the same thing. And you just feel really alone.”

She explained that she was speaking out to let other women know that they aren’t, in fact, alone.

#TBT many, many, years ago on our like third date. Drunk on whiskey sours. Cut to today and I’m a few weeks away from having your baby… Life is bananas and we have been through the most insane shit the world can throw at a couple and somehow come out the other side still in love and intact. It all started because I thought you were hot and smart on Bill Maher and followed your blue check mark on twitter. You didn’t fuck around, slid into my dm’s and asked me to dinner immediately. I told @joshrupley the night of our first date there was no chance it works out with this one, jokes on me. Love you baby. “Buy the ticket, take the ride.” ♥️

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“Don’t go hard on yourself no matter how you feel,” McCain said. “Maybe you don’t take it as hard as I do or maybe you don’t feel the same way. Whatever you feel is totally fine and totally where you’re supposed to be. And I wish I had heard that.”

Thankfully, the support of pals like Abby Huntsman, as well as her husband, got her through. She thanked her now-baby daddy in a sweet throwback Instagram post on Sept. 10, 2020, writing, “#TBT to when we could still go out to dinner. We’re so lucky, Ben. Thank you for taking such wonderful care of my bloated, knocked up, swollen, pandemic navigating self. I don’t know what I would do these days without such a strong, loving partner.”

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