PS5 DualSense controller faceplates are now on sale from third-party company Decor Evolve and come in a total of ten colors.

The cost of the faceplates works out to $9.99 and there are ten different colors available: Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, Light Blue, Steel Grey, Orange, Midnight Blue, Purple, Blue, and Red. Reported by VGC, these faceplates are being sold online and are actually very easy to install, as the front plate of the DualSense can snap right off and back on again.

Who knows how long these will be on sale for, however, as multiple companies have tried to sell PS5 related faceplates since the console launched and have either had to shut down due to order problems or at the threat of Sony’s legal forces. Sony also hasn’t commented on this new retailer. You can find the retailer here.

Sup3R5, a company who was about to sell a few hundred PS5 consoles in black just had to shut down its sale as staff received threats. CustomizeMyPlates also had to shut down, this time due to a legal threat from Sony, so we could see these DualSense faceplates no longer sold in a few days or weeks. We will just have to wait and see.

The PS5 is available now.

Source – [VGC]