Alexa Bliss returned to WWE for the first time since her altercation with Randy Orton on the final Raw of 2020 … and she was a little fired up.

It all went down on this week’s edition of Raw during the main event between Orton and Triple H.

The Viper was originally booked to face Drew McIntyre, but the WWE Champion is recovering from COVID-19. This meant Randy was searching for a new opponent. And who better his former mentor, who he confronted at the top of the show.

Orton officially challenged Triple H, who accepted the challenge later on in the show.

The two were battling in the main event when stuff got real weird.

Triple H set his trademark sledgehammer ablaze but before he could use it, the lights went out.

When thy came back on, Triple H was gone and Alexa Bliss was standing in the ring. She motioned her arms and fired a fireball in Orton’s face. Orton writhed around in pain as the show went off the air.

You probably recall Orton’s bizarre altercation with Alexa on Raw two weeks ago. It seemed like he was going to set her on fire, but he ultimately showed mercy.

One person he didn’t not show mercy too was Alexa’s associate The Fiend, who Orton burned to a crisp during a Firefly Inferno match at TLC last month. The Fiend hasn’t been seen since, but we can only assume his return is imminent.

Check out Alexa’s fireball throw below.

Out goes @TripleH, in comes @AlexaBliss_WWE … and she brought the 🔥🔥🔥 to @RandyOrton!

What did we just witness on #WWERaw?!

— WWE (@WWE) January 12, 2021