ArtPlay DICO has released the Classic Mode for its critically acclaimed Castlevania-’em-up Bloostained: Ritual of the Night.

Classic Mode adds five retro-flavoured levels to the the game across PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, and comes via a free update. In addition, players can also enjoy the new Kingdom: Two Crowns crossover event.

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Bloodstained’s Classic Mode was actually touted as a stretch goal back in 2015 during the game’s Kickstarter campaign. However, due to issues with the Switch version, it was pushed back to this year despite reaching its crowdfunding target. Replacing the expansive level design of the main game, Classic Mode includes linear stages featuring sub-bosses and three difficulty settings.

As for the crossover event, this includes a new stage designed in the same pixel art style as Two Crowns, plus the Archer Familiar Shard boss and Crown Head Gear.

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