luigi in lederhosen

Mario sidekick and loyal brother Luigi has been given the “wurst car” ever in Mario Kart Tour – quite literally!

luigi in lederhosen
Credit: Nintendo

Mario Kart Tour is the mobile version of classic Nintendo racing series Mario Kart. It’s a free to download game that has received quite a mixed reaction from fans, especially when it comes to monetisation.

From what I can gather in terms of actual gameplay, it seems like it could be quite a fun racing game, at least as far as mobile racing games go.

luigi in lederhosen
Credit: Nintendo

However its latest update has caused quite the fun reaction from fans and might possibly launch its very own meme, as Luigi has now been paired with a Hot Dog racing kart.

It’s time for the Berlin Tour in Mario Kart Tour! Some heated races are about to ensue on Berlin Byways 2, the first city course of 2021!” said the official Mario Kart Tour Twitter page.

Dubbed “Lederhosen Luigi”, he will even mock his fellow competitors by wielding a toasted weenie! Talk about rubbing it in your face!

As you can very much tell this latest update is very German themed as Luigi is even dressed in a Lederhosen inspired outfit called “Fast Frank,” which I’m assuming is a reference to the frankfurter sausage.

luigi in luigis mansion 3
Credit: Nintendo

The update will also take us to a Berlin racetrack and all this German inspired content is available now until January 26th.

During the latest Mario Kart Tour event there is other new content such as Penguin Luigi and Builder Luigi, as well as the Butterfly Wings and Bloober Wingtip gliders, and the Sushi Racer kart racer.

But let’s all face it; we’re here for Luigi’s german sausage. Are you looking forward to checking out Luigi’s weenie? Let us know across our social media channels.

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Featured Image Credit: Nintendo