Ikea seems to have embraced the fact that PS5 and Xbox Series X are a bit on the chunky side, going so far as to provide customers with mock boxes in-store to show what media cabinets the systems will fit into.

The PS5 and Xbox Series X mock boxes are the same shape as the real consoles, and feature measurements written on the side. There’s even a humorous blurb on the side that reads, “Which Ikea media storage unit will be abel to fit my new, mem-ishly oversized, gaming console?”

To be fair these are pretty handy, as you’ll be able to decide whether a vertical or horizontal position for the PS5 will be the best position for your new media centre.

The PS5 was released by Sony in the US and UK on November 12 and November 19, respectively, and comes in two flavours: a Digital-Only Edition and the standard disc-based model.

[Source – Reddit]