HBO Max Debuts First Look At Lebron James In ‘Space Jam 2’

HBO Max has released a first look teaser for their forthcoming 2021 Warner Bros. movie slate including Space Jam 2, showing LeBron James taking Michael Jordan‘s place on the court next to Bugs Bunny for Space Jam: A New Legacy.

Joe Pytka‘s original 1996 live-action animated combo film centered around Jordan’s basketball career and added in various Looney Tunes characters. Space Jam racked up $230 million at the box office and is now a beloved 90s cult classic among both kids and adults alike.

Plans for a sequel have been tossed around over the years, starting with a potential follow-up just one year after the first movie premiered. Warner Bros. passed on the idea when Jordan didn’t sign on to star again. Afterwards, a pitch for the movie Looney Toons: Back in Action first began as a sequel to Space Jam starring Jackie Chan but eventually transformed into an action-comedy with Brendan Fraser as the lead. In 2014, Warner Bros. announced that Space Jam 2 was in the works with LeBron James attached to star.

Brief footage of the upcoming sequel can be seen in a trailer above that HBO Max recently shared via their social media platforms. The studio is releasing all of its 2021 movies on the streaming service. Watch for James and Bugs Bunny on the court (at around the 0:06 mark) in between shots of other high-profile WB projects coming later this year.

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