Curly Crop

Just because you have wavy locks doesn’t mean you have to keep them long. Get to a skilled stylist to crop your curls so that they lay right, without excess bulk. Invest in some great product and rock you cute curly ‘do with this amazingly adorable short curly hairstyle.

Medium Length with Texture

Medium length styles are beyond versatile. Long enough for braids and pony’s, but short enough to not feel overwhelming, have your stylist give a textured cut that adds volume without the frizz.

photo: Andrea Piacquadio via Pexels

Long Layers

Want to keep your luxurious locks long? Get some face-framing layers to help take out bulk and show the world the curls you’ve got! This long curly hairstyle is timeless and easy to wear down or twist into a top knot (aka, the mom bun).

Big Body

Why battle the bulge when you can rock your curly hair with some big body? Whether you have loose waves or tight curls, embrace the fullness and accessories with scarves and headbands to complete your look.

photo: Godisable via Pexels

Full Bangs

Curly-haired folk have missed out on many a bang style over the decades, but not anymore! If you have tight spiral curls, there’s absolutely no reason not to flash your fringe. Go for a manageable length and go out with a bang.

Half-Up Mini Twist

Enjoy your waves but keep them out of your face with this half-up mini twist style. Grab your top layer of hair, do a simple twist then just pin with bobby pins! This style works great for an everyday look or even a night out.

Side Braid + Headband

Dress up this uncomplicated braid with a headband for the perfect look for any day. We love the simple, side swept look with framing layers and the added bonus of a cute hair accessory! Curly or straight, this look is for everyone.

Low Pony + Head Scarf

Pony tails are classic for a reason: they look great on everyone and can be dressed up or down! When it comes to controlling your waves, a low pony plus a cute head scarf makes this look appear a little more pulled together and great for day or night.

Half Braid

Want to dress up? This half braid is great for keeping hair off your face, while still putting your curls on display. If you’re talented in braiding, give this sophisticated look a try!

High Bun or Pony

Holy curls, batman! Let your curls do their thang with this simple style that packs a punch. Rather than wrapping all your hair into a smooth bun, let some hang out in all their glory.