Resident Evil RE:Verse
Resident Evil RE:Verse

Resident Evil RE:Verse is multiplayer Resident Evil. Again.

There were a couple of things to get excited about at last night’s Resident Evil Showcase. Resident Evil RE:Verse, the multiplayer mode that will ship with Resident Evil Village, however, wasn’t one of them.

RE: Verse looks to be a head-to-head multiplayer shooter, with the twist that human characters can transform (apparently upon their death) into monsters from the Resident Evil series. And it looks… okay, we guess?

Granted, we only got a brief look at RE:Verse, no doubt we’ll learn more nearer the time. We saw various Resident Evil characters running about, blasting each other, including Leon Kennedy who morphed into Nemesis. And RE: Verse is, technically free to those who purchase Resident Evil Village. It’s just that Capcom has, for years, been trying to make Resident Evil multiplayer. We’ve had Resident Evil: Outbreak, Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps, Resident Evil: Resistance and none have been anything more than a brief diversion.

It’s also a little insulting that, in the showcase, Capcom marketed RE: Verse as a means of celebrating Resident Evil’s 25th anniversary, instead of an attempt to milk those microtransaction teats till they bleed. We can think of better ways to commemorate the launch of Resident Evil; a new remake of the original, a live cast reunion, the launch of Lego Resident Evil, the list goes on.

We could be wrong, but with Back 4 Blood in the works (itself a spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead) RE:Verse will have to be something really special to sink its broken teeth into us. Yo u can check out the teaser trailer below: