It looks like we’ve got another Jeans Guy incident on our hands. The Mandalorian fans couldn’t believe it when a crew member in casual wear was spotted in the background of one shot in the Star Wars show’s second season. Now, a few months later, we’re all obsessed with a different Disney Plus series and fans have caught another hilarious error. This time, it’s involving Paul Bettany’s arm in WandaVision.

In episode 3, the Marvel show’s strange sitcom world has fast-forwarded to the 1970s, which comes with a new title sequence. Among the clips depicting Wanda and Vision’s happy, idyllic life is one shot of the couple holding hands on some swings. But social media users have paused the moment and realized that a major goof managed to slip in, as you can see in the gallery below.

Yes, though Vision is in his natural synthezoid form in this clip, he’s got a regular human arm underneath his shirt. Clearly, this is a bit of a makeup gaff, as Bettany must only get his face and hands covered in his Vision costume every morning. That’s fine when he’s in his skin-tight superhero outfit, but when he’s wearing regular clothes, it causes a bit more of a problem, as we can see here.

When the internet went crazy over The Mandalorian‘s Jeans Guy, Disney Plus went ahead and ruined our fun by digitally editing him out of the shot. Fans might want to keep an eye on this moment in WandaVision, then, to see if Vision’s patch of Caucasian skin goes the same way.

Then again, given the weird augmented reality of the show, maybe this wasn’t a mistake at all and it’s really a big clue at what the whole mystery’s about. Is Vision really just some dude masquerading as Wanda’s fallen beau? Stranger things have happened in the MCU.

WandaVision continues Friday on Disney Plus.