The 2 Most Stubborn Zodiac Signs (And 2 That Go with the Flow)

You enjoy your bread lightly toasted, your peanut butter chunky and your orange juice delightfully pulp-free. So what goes through your mind when your partner brings you breakfast in bed: a tray of nearly burnt sourdough topped with smooth peanut butter and a glass of extra pulpy OJ? If you flat out reject the food in front of you, you might be stubborn (or you might just really hate pulp). When it comes to holding onto your habits and beliefs, astrology tells us whether your sign has a white-knuckle grip or a more hands-off approach. Here, the two most stubborn signs and their flexible, “I’ll eat whichever peanut butter you have” counterparts.

The Most Stubborn:

Taurus (Apr 20 – May 20): 800-thread-count sheets, soothing playlists, freshly-baked cookies—Taurus revels in the sensory delights around them. The earth signs take comfort in the familiar. So when you’re meeting up with a Taurus friend, expect…the expected: dinner plans at their weekly spot followed a movie night (that rom-com they’ve seen hundreds of times). The astrological bulls are intentional about how they spend their time, and they won’t budge once they have their heads (and horns) set on an idea. As fixed signs, it’s easy for Taurus to get stuck on rigid plans and belief systems. Especially since those usual habits make them feel so secure. We know you always order the iced chai latte, Taurus, but why not mix it up and try sipping something different?

Capricorn (Dec 21 – Jan 20): Grab your hiking boots. Capricorn sees life as a mountain and they’re determined to scale each jagged obstacle until they reach the summit (and look out over all us underlings). They’re the high-achievers and rule-enforcers, holding themselves and others to an impossibly high standard. And while the earth signs are extremely self-critical, Caps know they’re the best ones to manage their life decisions (because putting all their faith in others isn’t their forte). Capricorn has each day thoughtfully mapped out—from meals to outfits—so it’s no wonder they’re more reluctant to go off the grid. Self-sufficiency is a Cap trademark; they won’t let anyone stand in the way of their goals (even if that goal is gaining control of the aux cord on a long drive).

The Least Stubborn:

Pisces (Feb 19 – Mar 20): Ah, Pisces, our cosmic mermaids, able to walk through our earthly realm while immersing themselves in the depths of others’ emotions. They sense when you’re lying about your weekend plans or anxious about a new job. One of the four mutable signs of the zodiac, Pisces can shapeshift to match the energy of any room. The intuitive water signs will find themselves empathizing with the thoughts and feelings of their crew. If you ask the slippery sign which TV show they’d like to watch, adaptable Pisces is eager to go along with the choice that brings you joy. Pisces is fulfilled when they’re lifting others up. But when it comes to their alone time, Pisceans are particular about how they unwind and escape (so be sure to give them plenty of space to swim away).

Gemini (May 20 – Jun 21): Ideas are currency to curious Gemini. These intellectual air signs thrive on playful debates and speedy banter. Like the wind, Gemini’s thoughts don’t stay in the same place for long. They’re willing to have their beliefs changed in their lifelong quest to learn. Represented by The Twins, Gems are perpetually torn when it comes to decision making. One twin wants to lounge on the beach, the other wants to grab a surfboard and take to the waves. So when you suggest surfing, Gem is delighted to have someone break their internal tie. Craving new concepts and adventures, spontaneity is a Gemini thrill. Commitments, firm plans and unshakeable opinions? Not so much.