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  • Peyton Manning’s Net Worth

The NFL legend is a very rich man

Legendary quarterback Peyton Manning, 42, spent 18 seasons in the NFL, where he amassed a sizable salary, along with numerous endorsement deals, and has a 2018 net worth estimated at $200 million, even though his career earnings top $400 million.

For more specifics we turn to Forbes Magazine, which makes it its business to calculate the net worth of the fabulously wealthy. Forbes writer Kurt Badenhausen had this to say on the occasion of Peyton’s retirement from football in 2016: “He is the NFL’s all-time leader in earnings both on and off the field with an estimated total of $400 million from salary, bonuses, endorsements and licensing. His total career earnings on the field of $249 million are $61 million higher than No. 2 on the career list, his brother Eli with $188 million, according to Spotrac.com.”

Wealth isn’t a static thing, of course, and Manning has no doubt seen his fortune ebb and flow to a degree since the day he stopped cashing big checks from NFL franchises. One source of Peyton’s wealth was his bromance with Papa John’s founder John Schattner, who gave his one-time cash cow a friendly peck after Super Bowl 50:

Schattner’s fall from grace just happened to coincide with Manning’s sale of his 31 Papa John’s franchises, so Manning’s ultimately short-lived career as a pizza magnate won’t be what sustains him in his golden years.

If you’re looking for a hard number, we could refer you to the folks at celebritynetworth.com, who peg Manning’s fortune at $200 million. Then there’s this video, which put the final number slightly under $200 million as of early 2018.

Manning still enjoys the status of elite celebrity endorser and will no doubt follow the Arnold Palmer track of enhancing the value and brand of countless corporations long after his competitive days have ended. Whatever the case, Peyton’s loaded, and he will be for the foreseeable future.