Rest in a Nest

Treehouses are an alternative way to get away for those who love the great outdoors. Some offer all the amenities of a standard hotel or rental home, but guests get to sleep high off the ground in the middle of nature. Treehouse accommodations vary in levels of luxury — some have hot tubs included, while some use composting toilets. Some of these scenic treehouses are affordable getaways for budget-conscious vacationers, while others are more luxurious options worth sharing just to show what’s possible. Daydream away.

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Treeroom Schoolhouse Suite2 / 29

Treeroom Schoolhouse Suite

Cave Junction, Oregon | Sleeps 6
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This "treesort" in Cave Junction, Oregon, markets itself to two different kinds of travelers. For adventurous types in search of excitement, Siskiyou National Forest is adjacent for hiking and exploration, and there’s horseback riding and zip lining onsite. For those seeking relaxation and solitude, the treehouses come with a range of amenities. Some have bathrooms and some don’t, and some have multiple bedrooms and kitchenettes suitable for families.