Buddah Salad Bowl

It’s a new year! That means it’s time to get back on track with eating right since all the holidays are over. I know that when January rolls around, I want to start the year off with healthy eating habits and an exercise program. Even starting slow is a good thing. If you add just one healthy meal in your day to day meal plan, that’s a really good start.

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Most of the time my family and I eat vegetarian. Sometimes even vegan. Today I’m sharing with you some vegan salad recipes from a few wonderful vegan food bloggers and a few from me, too. Buddah salad bowls were a big trend in 2019 and will continue to be huge in 2020, so I included one of those for good measure. Then there’s a cauliflower confetti salad that’s packed full of vibrant colors and freshness, finished in a lemon shallot dressing. Enjoy all the delicious flavors that come along with healthy eating and don’t forget to pin your favorites!

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In 2013, Pam Beth started the blog Skinny Sweets Daily. It started out as just a skinny dessert blog (hence the name), but after a year or so she decided to add savory recipes, helpful tips, articles, and some other bloggers’ yummy recipes. That’s when she rebranded as Pam’s Daily Dish. There are still the old-time favorites—as well as healthy recipes with a vegan, gluten-free, keto, paleo twist—and now there are decadent recipes that have become her family’s favorites. Please visit Pam’s Daily Dish anytime because as Pam says, “you’re always welcome.”