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baby girl

Let’s face it — the Netflix show Bridgerton is having a moment. It seems like the hit show is on everyone’s lips and we can’t stop asking the important questions: Who is Lady Whistledown? Will the Duke of Hastings and Daphne make it to season two? Can we talk about those love scenes? Maybe it’s the excellent writing, maybe it’s the fact that they play orchestral versions of our favorite pop songs, or maybe it’s the fact the Duke of Hastings is oh-so-dreamy, but Bridgerton is clearly the show of 2021 and we all want more.

So is there any doubt people are clamoring for more Bridgerton goodness? Some people have been straight up dreaming of fancy gowns, carriages, and elegant balls ever since the show premiered at the end of December. And we wouldn’t be surprised if parents-to-be turn to the sumptuous show for some baby name inspiration, so we’ve decided to put together a list of baby names inspired from binge-worthy series that are perfect for both little Lords and Ladies. These names evoke all of the glamour and romance of the Regency — take a look!



Taken from the Latin Porcia, the name Portia was originally an old Roman surname that was most likely derived from the word porcus, meaning “a pig, a hog.” In the show, she’s the ambitious matron of the Featherington family.



In the show, Colin is the kind younger brother who falls under Marina’s spell, only to have his heart broken in the end. A traditional boys’ name, Colin originated as the medieval variant of the now obsolete name Colle, which was a nickname for Nicholas. It can be taken to mean “victory of the people.”



This gorgeously lyrical moniker is a Celtic name that is also thought to have been taken from the Gaulish Genovefa. It’s not 100% clear what the name’s meaning is, although the first element of the name is thought to mean “race, people, tribe” and the second is thought to mean "woman". In the Bridgerton world, Genevieve Delacroix is the all-knowing dressmaker in town who is independent and fiery.



The name of the swoon-worthy Duke of Hastings himself, Simon was originally a Hebrew name taken from the name shim’ōn which means “heard.” It’s also a baby name that’s on the rise in popularity.



Marina was a name that really reached its peak in popularity in the 1990s, but of course, now it’s due for a comeback. The name is the feminine form of Marino and was taken from the Latin Marinus, which means “a mariner, a man of the sea.” In the show, Marina Thompson is a cousin of the Featheringtons who gets sent to live with them to enter society — and causes all sorts of chaos in the end.

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This is a name that will always be popular because it’s both classic and masculine. Will is taken from the Old High German Willehelm, which is composed of the elements willeo meaning “will, determination” and helm, meaning “protection, helmet.” It can also be taken to mean “resolute protector" — which is fitting considering his role in the show as a boxer and the Duke of Hastings’ BFF.



Before Bridgerton, Daphne was probably best known as the name of the redhead from Scooby Doo, but now she’ll forever be the lead in our favorite series. The name was taken from the Greek daphne and means “a laurel or bay tree.”



Although it might not seem like it, Nigel has had a recent surge in popularity. Going all the way back to its beginnings, Nigel was derived from the Gaelic néall, meaning “cloud” or niadh, meaning, “champion.” To be honest, his character in Bridgerton, as the unsavory man chasing after Daphne — despite her objections — isn’t the best, but we still love this charming name.



Believed to have been taken from the Germanic Helewidis, it used to be a compound name made from the elements haila, meaning “hale, hearty, sound” and vid, meaning “wide.” Now it’s the name of one of our favorite Bridgerton children.

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A name to watch out for, Gregory is a name with Latin roots, as it was originally taken from Gregorius, which was once a version of the Greek name Grēgorios, meaning “vigilant, a watchman.” Grēgorios was derived from the verb egeirein, which means “to awaken.” On the show, Gregory Bridgerton is just a young boy, but we’re sure he’ll have a captivating storyline in the years to come.



Penny, Penny, Penny. Truly one of the most compelling characters of the series (don’t worry, no spoilers here). The name Penelope comes from Greek Mythology and was the name of Odysseus’ wife, who waited for him for 20 years to return home. It is thought to mean "weaver."



Taken from the Old High German name Haganrih, meaning “ruler of an enclosure,” it is made from the elements hag, meaning “an enclosure, a hedging-in” and rihhi, meaning “ruler,” and from the Old High German Heimerich, meaning “home ruler.” In the Bridgerton world, Henry is the famous artist who introduces Benedict Bridgerton to the wild and free art scene.



On the show, Siena is the name of the sexy opera singer who’s stolen Anthony’s heart. As a name, Siena was derived from the name of a clay used in pigments. It also has gotten a recent boost in popularity — perhaps from actress Sienna Miller.



Anthony is still a top 50 American baby name and there’s good reason. Taken from the Latin Antonius, Anthony is an old Roman surname that means “priceless” and “of inestimable worth.” He’s also the eldest Bridgerton brother and man of the house who is supposedly going to be the focus of the upcoming second season. Swoon!



A feminine name that has French flair, Violet comes from the Latin viola, which means “a violet.” Although the name dropped in popularity throughout the 20 century, it’s recently had a huge resurgence in popularity. In the show, Violet is the strong single mom who leads the entire Bridgerton clan.