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Eating soup and sandwiches for lunch or dinner does not have to be boring—or leave you hungry! These delicious recipe combos can be hearty, comforting, filling and most of all: tasty. Plus, it’s nice to have complete meals that don’t include french fries or kettle chips as the go-to side dish.

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The delicious suggestions inside this roundup of cover both meaty and vegan options, with a ton of creative ingredients involved. Soup recipes run the gamut of Asian fare and vegetarian-friendly steaming bowls of noodles, to white bean soup and more. While the sandwiches paired with these comforting soups range from cheesy pressed paninis and jam-packed quesadillas, to layered crusty baguettes and stuffed pitas.

Pull yourself out of your lunch (and dinner) ruts and get creative with new ingredients like Romanesco cauliflower, jackfruit and tempeh.

Enjoy browsing through this scrumptious compilation of 44 best soup and sandwich recipe combos that can be made on the stove top, in your Instant Pot or even inside your trusted slow cooker.

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