A recent poll of 1,000 moms revealed what leading ladies really want for Valentine’s Day––and it’s not about flowers and candy.

The study, conducted by OnePoll with Zulily was all about uncovering what mamas want after the horror that was 2020. It found that the number one “gift” was “me time” and that’s pretty much all it takes to feel loved this V-Day.

photo: Zulily

The topic of “me time” arose out of the result that found 55 percent of moms believed they has spent too much time with their partner and needed a break. Nearly 75 percent also believed that it was just as important to spend time apart when in a relationship.

Amidst the pandemic, research also demonstrated that expressions of love have changed, with 33 percent of moms reporting a change in their love language. In fact, brand new love languages have emerged!

The updated languages now include

  • Partner doing household chores: 45%
  • Relaxing but doing own thing in the same room: 41%
  • Cooking a meal: 36%
  • Playing video games: 28%
  • Sending/sharing memes: 27%

Megan Marshall, director of brand marketing for Zulily says“Finding joy in the moment and understanding how to communicate, show love and receive appreciation is always important to all relationships whether it’s with a significant other, ones’ children, or other women in their lives. This is what we’re excited to celebrate this Valentine’s Day.”

No matter what your love language is, the study revealed that almost 80 percent of respondents believed their partners should know their love language, even if theirs differs. Now, about that “me time…”

––Karly Wood

Feature photo: Canva Library


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