It’s movie night—at home! Whether you transform the backyard into a sit-down drive-in or the living room into a theater, you always need a few good movies for kids. From the nostalgia of old faves to the newest Netflix hits, check out the best movies for seven-to nine-year-olds.

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Night at the Museum

Join Ben Stiller for a night in—and at the museum. The 2006 film (rated PG) is almost two hours of imaginative exhibits, animals and (of course) T. Rex-fueled fun.

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African Cats

Disneynature brings the world of large cats into your living room. The G-rated nature documentary hit the big screen back in 2011. Even though it’s almost a decade old, African Cats is still a top pick for older kids to see!

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The Willoughbys

The 2020 Netflix movie (rated PG) stars the voices of Will Forte, Maya Rudolph and Ricky Gervais. This is one of the best movies for seven- to nine-year-olds—with plenty of humor, adventure and family-friendly fun.

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Charlotte’s Web

The 2006 remake of the classic timeless tale features Dakota Fanning, Julia Roberts and Oprah! Rated G, this book-turned-blockbuster film is a live-action animal-filled story your older child will absolutely adore.

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Mary Poppins Returns

The 2018 update stars Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda. The PG film will give you major nostalgic vibes as you watch it with your kiddo.

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March of the Penguins

If your kiddo is looking for some IRL adventure, the G-rated 2005 March of the Penguins is it. This penguin-filled flick is the ideal entry into the world of documentary—for a seven-to nine-year-old.

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Farmageddon: A Shaun the Sheep Movie

The beloved character is back—and he needs to help an alien return to her home. The G-rated Netflix film made its debut on the streaming service in 2020.

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The Lion King

As if the original animated version wasn’t enough entertainment for the whole fam, Disney went and remade the classic with a live-action 2019 version (rated PG).

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The LEGO Movie

Your kiddo can’t stop building with those popular plastic bricks. If they haven’t viewed the 2014 big-screen blockbuster, now is the time. The LEGO Movie stars the voices of Chris Pratt, Will Ferrell and Elizabeth Banks and is rated PG.

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The Iron Giant

Starring Jennifer Aniston, Harry Connick Jr. and Vin Diesel, this PG pick chronicles the story of a boy and his BFF robot friend. Even though the animated buddy film was made in 1999, it’s still just as popular today as it was over two decades ago.

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The magical Pixar pick is an ideal animated movie for kids of all ages—especially your seven, eight or nine-year-old. Rated G, the 2009 film is available to stream on Disney+.

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Latte and the Magic Waterstone

Rated TV-Y, the 2020 animated kids’ film features the story of a greedy bear, a shy squirrel and a very brave hedgehog—Latte! This newer flick is one of the best Netflix movies for kids your littles will see this year.

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Animal Crackers

Enchanted animal crackers make this 2020 Netflix animated film a fun family treat for kids from seven to nine. Rated TV-Y7 (and voiced by Emily Blunt, John Krasinski and Ian McKellen), this pick is perfect for your older children.

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The Adventures of Milo and Otis

A cat, a dog—and so much fun! The G-rated 1989 flick is pure animal adventure awesomeness. The live-action movie will entertain the kiddos and the rest of the family too.

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The 1982 iconic alien pic still holds up today. Chances are you watched this PG pick when you were eight or nine too! With a young Drew Barrymore and some old school special effects, this is one of the best movies for eight-year-olds—and seven-and nine-year-olds too. Get ready to replace "let it go" for "phone home" with this iconic option.

—Erica Loop

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