While most of us have been consuming a lot of television during the pandemic, Stephen King seems to be particularly prolific in his viewing habits, even when continuing to produce new novels. Over the last year or so, King has been tweeting out his recommendations, and tends to be pretty much on the money with his choices. However, the author’s latest suggestion is actually for an adaptation of one of his own works, in this case the Mr. Mercedes series.

A few days ago, King announced that the third season of the show is coming to Peacock soon, and considers it to be the best instalment, as you can see below:

Good news for those of you who have read and enjoyed the Bill Hodges trilogy, starting with MR. MERCEDES. Peacock is going to drop the 3rd season–the best one, I think–on March 4th. It’s based on FINDERS KEEPERS. Watch for Bruce Dern! He’s great!

— Stephen King (@StephenKing) February 4, 2021

Mr. Mercedes

For those not aware, Mr. Mercedes is a crime drama based on King’s Bill Hodges trilogy of books, which found the writer moving into detective fiction, albeit with a few supernatural trappings. David E. Kelley developed the series into Mr. Mercedes for the now-defunct Audience network, and a first run aired in 2017, with Brendan Gleeson as the lead character. Seasons 2 and 3 then went out in 2018 and 2019, before seemingly going down with Audience last year. Since returning to streaming via Peacock in September 2020, though, Mr. Mercedes has found a larger audience, having previously established itself as an underrated critical hit.

Of course, fans looking for Stephen King content have had something of a mixed experience lately, despite the success of The Stand on CBS All Access, with Castle Rock lasting just two years on Hulu. The future does look brighter, though, for adaptations, with Netflix reportedly keen to develop several projects based off King’s work. For now, however, it’s worth checking out Mr. Mercedes if you missed it the first time around, especially given that it seems to be one of its creator’s favourite takes on his fictional world.