Another seven-figure bet has come in on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Super Bowl LV.

And this time, it’s to win straight up.

On Saturday night, BetMGM received a $1 million moneyline bet on the Bucs to beat the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday night in Miami. With +135 odds, the bettor would win a whopping $1.35 million if the Bucs pull off the upset.

It was the second seven-figure bet BetMGM has received on Tampa Bay. Last week, there was a monster $2.3 million bet on the Bucs at +3.5. Jeff Stoneback, the Director of Trading for MGM Resorts, told Yahoo Sports’ Frank Schwab that he believes that particular bet is the largest sports bet the company has ever taken.

As of Sunday morning, the three biggest bets BetMGM has received on Super Bowl LV are all on Tom Brady and the Bucs. In addition to the two bets that entered million-dollar territory, another bettor wagered $345,000 on the Bucs to cover 3.5 at -115.

The Bucs opened as 3.5-point underdogs against the defending Super Bowl champions, but the line moved to 3 on Friday as money continued to pour in on Tampa Bay. Though 60% of the bets and 54% of the money has come in on the Chiefs, BetMGM will be rooting for Kansas City thanks to those big bets.

“BetMGM has taken multiple seven-figure bets on the Buccaneers to win and cover. Tampa Bay has moved from +3.5 to +3. While we expect more action before kickoff of the Super Bowl, the sportsbook currently needs the Chiefs to win and cover,” said Jason Scott, BetMGM’s VP of Trading.

Sportsbooks profited off the Chiefs for much of the season thanks to a nine-game stretch where Kansas City went 8-1 straight up but was 0-8-1 against the spread. The Chiefs finally broke their against-the-spread losing streak by covering in their win over the Buffalo Bills in the AFC title game.

The oddsmakers at BetMGM are now hoping that carries over to Super Bowl LV.

Big bets on Chiefs

Though the three biggest bets BetMGM has reported have come in on the Tampa Bay side, there still have been multiple six-figure bets on the Chiefs.

One bettor wagered $281,000 on the Chiefs to cover the 3-point spread, a bet that would yield a return of $244,348.

Additionally, BetMGM reported a $180,000 bet on the Chiefs moneyline at -180, a $115,000 bet on the Chiefs at -3.5 (-115) and another $110,000 bet on the Chiefs -3.5 (-110). All three of those bets would win $100,000.

Can Tom Brady lead the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to an upset over the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LV? (AP Photo/Jeffrey Phelps)

What about the over/under?

The total for Super Bowl LV opened at 57.5 and has since ticked down to 56.5 at BetMGM. Early on, the large majority of the money was on the over, but the betting splits have been trending toward the under as we inch closer to kickoff.

Early in the week, nearly three-fourths of the bets and more than 70% of the money had come in on the over. As of Sunday morning, BetMGM reported that 62% of the bets and 57% of the money are on the over.

Notably, one bettor put down $205,000 on the under 56.5. If that hits, the bettor would win $186,363.65.

As more action has come in on the under, the total dropped to 55.5 at some sportsbooks on Saturday. But it has been holding strong at 56.5 at BetMGM.

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