Following her latest offensive social media posts, Gina Carano has been fired from the Star Wars franchise and will no longer appear as Cara Dune on The Mandalorian and its various spinoffs. The controversial actress has been at the center of a Twitter war for months now, with a lot of people vocally calling for her to be removed by Lucasfilm while others passionately defended her. In the wake of her firing, #CancelDisneyPlus has been trending on the site, and it’s because of folks on both sides of the divide.

Initially, #CancelDisneyPlus picked up steam from Carano’s supporters who were making it known that they would be cancelling their subscription to the Mouse House’s streaming service after the studio’s decision to cut ties with the former MMA star. Many also shared screenshots confirming that they’d gone through with it.

Just cancelled my sub. @ginacarano we support you girl. Stand strong. #CancelDisneyPlus

— Lisa (@lisamariex1) February 11, 2021

But shortly after, the trend was hijacked by those who supported Carano’s firing and are definitely not going to be cancelling Disney Plus anytime soon, especially not when it has all that Marvel content available.

The new WandaVision episode is out tomorrow, too, so why would we cancel it today?

#CancelDisneyPlus anyway can’t wait for the New Wandavision episode ❤️

— Probably Chaos or not (@Chaos_JO) February 11, 2021

Baby Yoda says no.

Yeah I think I’ll stick it out #CancelDisneyPlus

— Dave Brien (@TheDaveBrien) February 11, 2021

Even those who aren’t big fans of Disney in general were disappointed to learn the real reason behind the trend.

*Sees that #CancelDisneyPlus is trending*

Expectation: People are finally banding together to protest against Disney for being a giant monopoly that bought an animation studio only to destroy it.

Reality: Bigots are mad about Gina Carano getting fired 😑

— Kevin Temmer (@KevinTemmer) February 11, 2021

Whatever your opinion on the studio, you’ve got to feel for the execs right now.

I’m pretty sure this is exactly what Disney’s shareholders want to see on Twitter: #CancelDisneyPlus trending with THE HOLOCAUST.

— Lunar Archivist (@LunarArchivist) February 11, 2021

The Mouse House is said to have been on the verge of firing Carano for months and the final straw came this Wednesday when the actress shared a post which compared being a Republican in today’s America with being Jewish during the Holocaust. This was widely seen as incredibly offensive and the studio themselves blasted the post in their statement announcing Carano’s dismissal, describing this and her other recent posts as “abhorrent and unacceptable.”

Gina Carano has also been dropped by her agents following her firing, while a planned Cara Dune spinoff series was quietly shelved months ago. It’s currently unclear whether the character will be recast for The Mandalorian season 3 or simply written out, but watch this space for more.