Jennifer Lopez performing at the super bowl

Obviously, Jennifer Lopez is a woman of many talents. She can sing, dance, and act — and there’s no denying the fact that her body is seriously impressive. But one other quality Lopez possesses that might not always work out in her favor? Her ability to dress pretty controversially (via In Style), which has basically just become her own personal style at this point.

Yes, though she might be a total superstar, with plenty of hit songs, money, and fame, that doesn’t mean Lopez always dresses to impress. Well, she impresses, but not always in the way you might think. Seriously, Lopez knows how to sizzle with her wardrobe, and between all the plunging neckline, slits up to there, and sheer fabrics, Lopez’s sex appeal has never been in question. So, don’t be fooled by the rocks that she’s got, because she’s still very much Jenny from the block. Just with a little more attitude and sass to her outfits, and plenty of complaints from people watching.

Jennifer Lopez’s barely-there dress was iconic

Jennifer Lopez at the 2000 Grammy Awards

Believe it or not, but Jennifer Lopez wasn’t always as well-known for her stunning-yet-controversial outfits as she is now. Yes, Lopez has been in the business for quite some time, and her style has really evolved over the years, for better or worse.

If there’s one outfit that Lopez will always be known for, it would be the dress she wore to the 2000 Grammy Awards. Yes, you know the one: the green, semi-tropical print with the neckline that went far past Lopez’s neck and descended down even below her belly button — the one her stylist told her not to wear. Additionally, it was made from sheer fabric, and created a silhouette that threatened to reveal more than Lopez bargained for with just one semi-strong gust of wind. Yeah, that one.

It’s certainly a memorable dress, but not always for great reasons, according to Yahoo! Life. The dress was so controversial at the time that it was literally responsible for the creation of Google Image search, people were so interested in it (via GQ). It was provocative, and really the beginning of Lopez’s affinity for sheer, low-cut dresses. Honestly, we’re here for it.

Jennifer Lopez’s 1998 MTV Movie Awards outfit was a lot to take in

Jennifer Lopez at the 7th annual MTV movie awards

Back in the day when Jennifer Lopez wasn’t a super common household name, she was still making waves — only it was with how she dressed. Obviously, Lopez will always be a style icon, but even when she was new to Hollywood she wasn’t afraid to dress provocatively. Specifically, at the 7th Annual MTV Movie Awards in 1998, Lopez’s outfit wasn’t exactly the definition of modest, and it’s something that was kind of a lot to take in for some.

As In Style reported, the look wasn’t anything too flashy, and yet Who What Wear declared it to be one of her most controversial outfits of all-time. After all, it was Lopez’s first appearance at the MTV Movie Awards, and the loose, sultry, shimmering top with low-cut leather jeans obviously made a statement. It just might have been one of her first most viral outfits, even inspiring its own fashion legacy.

Lopez’s outfit was obviously risky, and while she looked great in it, it’s still sparked headlines decades later.

Jennifer Lopez wore a dress that pushed the boundaries on how high a slit can go

Jennifer Lopez at the 2018 Robin Hood Foundation gala

Jennifer Lopez doesn’t always push the limits of fashion when she rocks a red carpet, but on the less-than rare occasion that she does wear something controversial, Lopez always goes all out. For instance, when Lopez attended the 2018 Robin Hood Foundation gala, she wore a black dress from designer Alex Perry that got a lot of people talking.

As the Daily Mail reported, the dress featured a "dangerously high slit up its right side," and that’s no exaggeration. While the rest of the dress was relatively modest, with long sleeves, statement shoulder pads, a high neckline, and some crystal floral embellishments, it was the slit that really made the dress what it was. Seriously, the dress got the internet buzzing.

Lopez’s dress was more than just daring, it was downright scandalous to some with more conservative preferences. But, in true Lopez fashion, she might have looked inappropriate, but she still rocked it.

Jennifer Lopez’s tour outfits sparked controversy

Jennifer Lopez performing during her It's My Party tour

When you look at how Jennifer Lopez dresses on the red carpet or even just the photos she posts to social media, it becomes clear that the singer and actor is extremely confident in her body and loves to show it off with her fashion choices. So, when she went on her "It’s My Party" international tour in 2019, she unsurprisingly wore some pretty revealing outfits.

So revealing, in fact, that a lawyer in Egypt reportedly sued Lopez for dressing inappropriately at her concert. According to the Gulf News, lawyer Samir Sabry declared that Lopez’s concert outfits, along with the date of the concert (which fell on a Muslim holy day), were totally inappropriate. "It’s unacceptable for some people to be [performing religious rituals] in Mount Arafat while others watch a star performs in controversial attire," he stated.

Lopez’s concert looks were obviously pretty revealing, and that didn’t sit well with some fans in Egypt, that’s for sure.

Jennifer Lopez certainly knows how to rock a plunging neckline

Jennifer Lopez wearing a plunging neckline

Because Jennifer Lopez has been known to show off her legs and chest, it’s not really all that shocking to see what she wears to an event. Still, some dresses of hers have been more controversial than others. And when it comes to a plunging neckline, the dress she wore to the 2020 Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards certainly had one; Lopez shone in the ensemble, for sure, but it gave people something to talk about.

The dress, which the Daily Mail reported "set pulses racing" and "showcased her cleavage" was a gorgeous shade of blue with a long, flowing hem. But, that wasn’t what got people buzzing, as the dress also featured a seriously low-plunging neckline that went practically down to Lopez’s belly button. While the 2020 Critics Association Awards Ceremony certainly wasn’t a hugely broadcast event, people were still talking about Lopez’s dress. She might have looked gorgeous in the cyan gown, but the low neckline was all some people could see.

Jennifer Lopez wore this dress which showed a lot of skin

Jennifer Lopez at the 2019 Vanity Fair party

Jennifer Lopez obviously has every right to dress however she wants, and that’s exactly what she does. Additionally, you could argue that she often wears daring or scandalous outfits that push the boundaries of what’s appropriate, and sometimes she outright breaks through those boundaries. But, when she attended the 2019 Vanity Fair Oscar party, Lopez wore something that was seriously stunning. Well, stunning and potentially inappropriate.

The Zuhair Murad gown that Lopez wore was described as "extremely sexy" by Pop Sugar, and certainly got people talking on Twitter. With a strapless neckline, blue sequined fabric, and a unique design across the top the dress was pretty spectacular – but this is Lopez we’re talking about, so you know there was a slit up that dress. A super high, sexy slit, of course. Seriously, with one misstep or stumble, Lopez could have had quite the wardrobe malfunction, but as everyone knows, she’s a pro at wearing the heck out of a gorgeous dress.

Jennifer Lopez’s 2001 Oscars dress was surprisingly risqué

Jennifer Lopez at the  2001 Academy Awards

Celebrities are obviously used to people seeing more of them than they want, and Jennifer Lopez has dealt with that more than once. But with this dress, Lopez really went there, and gladly.

Lopez’s dress for the 2001 Oscars was totally appropriate from the waist down. There was no signature thigh-high slit threatening to flash everyone at a moment’s notice, nor was there a neckline down to her belly button. Instead, the top of the dress featured a little one-shoulder action, with completely sheer fabric. Even though it was Chanel, it was still pretty inappropriate.

Lopez has been accused of nip slips before, but only on accident. And as Yahoo! reported, with her 2001 Oscars dress, it was very clear that Lopez wanted to be provocative and inappropriate by wearing such a sheer top with no bra or covering of her chest. Honestly, Lopez and this look might just have been the beginning of the Free the Nipple movement, and that’s no joke.

Jennifer Lopez’s 2013 Grammy Awards look had a super high slit

Jennifer Lopez 2013 Grammy's

As any fashion lover knows, it doesn’t always take a ton of embellishments or trendy designs to make a dress or clothing item stand out; some of the most gorgeous dresses and runway looks are the simplest designs. For instance, Jennifer Lopez’s 2013 Grammys dress was certainly something to behold. A simple black gown, with one bare shoulder opposite one very bare leg, the dress didn’t feature anything flashy, but it did make a flash.

As The Hollywood Reporter stated, Lopez herself saw nothing wrong with the dress, though some people realized just how revealing it was. "They said nothing about the legs! I thought I was being such a good girl! A little shoulder and a little leg," she said to Ryan Seacrest. Honestly, with a slit that high, it’s truly surprising that Lopez didn’t end up showing just a little bit more than she wanted to.

Jennifer Lopez’s Met Gala dress "left little to the imagination"

Jennifer Lopez at the 2015 Met Gala

If you didn’t know, the annual Met Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City is basically the biggest night for fashion. There’s always a theme, and designers and celebrities work together to come up with their most creative take on it each year. And in 2015, Jennifer Lopez’s take on the "China Through The Looking Glass" theme was apparently to show a lot of skin.

According to the Independent, Lopez made an "attempt to flash as much skin as possible," when she showed up in a "nude mesh dress which left little to the imagination," per the publication. And as HuffPost reported, Lopez’s dress was undoubtedly the most scandalous of the evening, with just barely enough embroidered details to cover up Lopez’s most prized possessions. Basically, the dress was one rhinestone away from revealing a completely naked Lopez, so to say it was inappropriate would be a bit of an understatement.

Jennifer Lopez’s sparkly cut-out dress was daring

Jennifer Lopez at the 2014 Video Music Awards

For as long as Jennifer Lopez has been in the entertainment industry, you would think that everyone would just be used to her bold fashion choices, but that’s not exactly the case. When Lopez attended the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards, she wasn’t afraid to take a risk with her outfit.

Wearing a silver, sparkly dress from designer Charbel Zoe, Lopez took to the event looking as confident as ever. But according to HuffPost, for as stunning as the dress was, it was arguably inappropriate for some viewers. Seriously, if any young kids were watching, their parents probably covered their eyes when Lopez stepped out onto the red carpet. The dress "featured daring cutouts that would make Amber Rose blush," HuffPost reported.

The gown also had a super high slit, which Lopez has become known for, but was still no less risqué. All the tape in the world couldn’t ensure that the slit wouldn’t reveal more than Lopez intended; but for as inappropriate as it was, it looked dang good.

Jennifer Lopez’s Latin Grammys jumpsuit was super sheer

Jennifer Lopez at the Latin Grammys 2016

Jennifer Lopez knows a thing or two about how to get people talking with the way she dresses. The songstress often wears dresses with plunging necklines and slits up to there, but sometimes her jumpsuits or pants are just as revealing.

At the 2016 Latin Grammys, Lopez showed up dressed to kill. Seriously, her catsuit from designer Zuhair Murad could have sent hearts racing it was so revealing. The outfit was equal parts sexy and gorgeous, with so much detailing it almost belonged in a museum. But where there wasn’t a shiny embellishment, there was practically nothing.

Seriously, PopSugar referred to Lopez’s jumpsuit as being "naked," and that’s a pretty accurate description. The jumpsuit, as fashionable as it was, was also seriously provocative; it was very sheer in a lot of places, as well as seriously form-fitting. The sheer fabric was stretched so tight over Lopez that it’s a wonder it didn’t rip or move to the side and expose so much more than anyone would have been prepared for.

This Jennifer Lopez outfit was basically lingerie

Jennifer Lopez at the Billboard Latin Music Awards in 2017

For all the time Jennifer Lopez has spent on red carpets — and all the flashy and risqué outfits she’s worn on them — it’s no wonder that she continues to push the limits while still managing not to flash anyone. And to look at Lopez’s red carpet dress for the 2017 Latin Grammys, that’s a pretty amazing accomplishment.

Seriously, the dress was one of the singer’s most controversial outfits of all time, and that’s saying something. According to Harper’s Bazaar, the dress from designer Julien MacDonald featured "more cutouts and mesh paneling than you could possibly count," practically making Lopez look naked; and if not naked, then Lopez definitely looked like she belonged on the Victoria’s Secret runway more than an awards show. In essence, the dress contained hardly more fabric than your standard set of lingerie, and Twitter users noticed. And while she obviously rocked it, there’s no denying the fact that it was pretty inappropriate. Sexy, but inappropriate.

Jennifer Lopez’s Superbowl outfits weren’t beloved by all

Jennifer Lopez performing at the 2020 Super Bowl

At the 2020 Super Bowl Halftime Show, Jennifer Lopez, alongside Shakira, went all out with their performance — and that included some really racy outfits. There was cleavage, booty, and plenty of leg on display, and some people were not happy about it.

As the Daily Mail reported, Twitter was almost immediately trending with parents and other viewers who were very upset that there was such an inappropriate display on national television. "Not appropriate for kids at a Super Bowl halftime show. Just J Lo’s outfits in general," one Twitter user wrote. "Jlo trying too hard as usual. Loved the Spanish. Love Shakira (minus the snake-tongue thing). Didn’t love all the cracks, and a*s in face thing…When did we forget that Less is More?," another added.

Honestly, "less is more" really doesn’t seem to be the kind of mantra that Lopez lives by, so what did people expect when she was given the chance to perform at the Super Bowl? Her outfits may have been inappropriate to some, but at least it was entertaining for the rest of us.