Winter Wonderland

If you live north of the Equator, the season of winter is a time for cold temperatures, ice, and snow. Landscapes and structures are transformed as fingers of frost creep across windows, slender icicles dangle from rooflines, lakes and rivers grow still beneath sheets of ice, and powdery snow blankets everything. Settle into your favorite chair and take a trip with us as we visit winter wonderlands the world over.

The Roman amphitheatre of Plovdiv covered by snow2 / 21
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A rare snowfall blankets Roman ruins in the town of Plovdiv. Located along the Maritsa River in southern Bulgaria, Plovdiv is the country’s second-largest city, its roots dating back to the 6th century BCE. Over the millennia, Plovdiv has been ruled by Greeks, Persians, Huns, and Romans, all of which have left cultural traces behind.

Ice carver at Lake Louise ice festival3 / 21
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Every January for the past quarter-century, artists, residents, and visitors to Lake Louise in Alberta’s Banff National Park have celebrated winter at the Ice Magic International Ice Carving Competition. For the 2014 event, this carver paid homage to the Winter Olympics, which Calgary, Alberta, hosted in 1988, and Vancouver, British Columbia, in 2010.

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Forbidden City Beijing in Heavy Winter By Night4 / 21
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Christianshavn canal is freezing5 / 21
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Belleville6 / 21
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Berlin Reichstag in Winter7 / 21
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Snow blankets the Reichstag building, the seat of Germany’s Parliament in Berlin, during a snowstorm in 2013. Dating to 1894, it served as the nation’s parliamentary building until burning in 1933 and was further ravaged by World War II. Partially restored in the 1960s, the structure was completely rebuilt and reopened as the nation’s legislative home in 1999.

Snow And High Winds Hit The UK8 / 21
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Kinderdijk9 / 21
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Tourist on Svinafellsjokull Glacier in Iceland10 / 21
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Shemshak Summit11 / 21
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Snow Storms Blanket Jerusalem12 / 21
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Italy Hit By Cold Spell13 / 21
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Pagoda and Bell in Winter14 / 21
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Snow in Morocco15 / 21
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Heavy Snowfall Hits Seoul16 / 21
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General view of people enjoying the snow during late afternoon at Chalet-a-Gobet17 / 21
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Cold Snap Hits Taiwan18 / 21
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Istanbul Covered In Snow After Hit With Severe Snow Storm19 / 21
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Orthodox Church Of Ukraine Celebrates Christmas20 / 21
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New York Digs Out From Winter Snowstorm21 / 21
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