Crockpot Guinness Corned Beef and Cabbage

(The Magical Slow Cooker)

St. Patrick’s Day often lands on a weeknight and there’s no way I’m going out with the crowds. Especially when there are so many delicious St. Patty’s Crock Pot recipes to make the night special, without leaving the house! From corned beef and stews, to Colcannon potatoes and boozy drinks, let’s face it: The most Irish day of the year is ideal for a feast at home.

Corned beef does not have to be made a set way either; there are ways to infuse it with beer and fun ways to serve it, like in Reuben sandwiches or even tacos. Other great St. Patrick’s recipes to try along with these Crock Pot recipes include:

What are you going to make this St. Patricks day? Start planning now for a great day with your family and friends. I’ll be making the Reuben sliders and Colcannon potatoes. Sláinte!

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