Girl playing with giant chess pieces

Children enjoy playing classic board games, and it’s even more fun with giant board games that are as big as, or bigger, than the kids. Children also benefit because life-size games usually involve more physical activity than sitting and playing a board game.

Giant Jenga Tower

Jenga can be a nail-biting game as you remove blocks from your tower and hope it doesn’t topple over. A giant Jenga game begins at two feet and can go as high as five feet. Giant Jenga can be played by only one person, or as many as you have in your group. It may be more challenging for very young children who are not tall enough to reach the full height of the stack, but an adult can help the child move the blocks. Just be careful to have everyone out of the way if the tower comes down! The game comes with a carrying bag so you can take it anywhere, although ideally you want a level surface such as a flat lawn, sand, or a backyard patio. Giant Jenga retails for around $120 although you can build your own version.


Chess is a great strategy game for children and adults and a true classic so of course there must be a giant board game version! A giant-sized board allows you to move the pieces around while you walk on the board. The pieces are relatively light and waterproof so you can play this game anywhere that you can lay the board down. The board is made of nylon and can be staked into the ground to keep it from moving. The tallest chess piece, the king, is 25 inches high. The complete set is a little over $400, or you can purchase just the pieces for about $350 and create your own board with pavement and some chalk or use carpet square or tiles. This version gets rave reviews on Amazon with a 4.8 out of 5 stars rating.

Giant Checkers

If Chess is too complicated and you and the kids want to enjoy a simple game of checkers, you can get a giant version with a 10′ x 10′ board. The pieces can be picked up and moved to the next square which makes this is a good physical activity for kids especially if they play for some time. Like the chess set, the board is a heavy-duty nylon mat that can be staked into the ground or used inside the house if you have a large enough space. The set retails for about $300. You can also buy just the mat for about $85 and make your own pieces as a fun project with the kids.

Giant Scrabble

Combining exercise with learning vocabulary, Giant Scrabble is a perfect combination for children. Adults love Scrabble as well, and this game would make a great addition to a backyard BBQ, pool party, or even a company picnic. It can also be played indoors wherever you can fit the board and the tile holders. The game is about a $1,000 to buy, but you can also save money and set up a rental through the Giant Game Co. anywhere in the U.S. for your event. You can also create your own board and buy just the tiles on The 5-inch size are around $14 each and the 9-inch size are around $18 each.

Giant Pick Up Sticks

Pick up sticks is a very simple game where players must move a stick out of a pile without jostling the others. It’s a classic children’s game that teaches good coordination, strategy, and lots of patience. Adults enjoy it as well, and it can be a fun family event. The giant version runs about $90, and the sticks are about 3 feet long and can be easily taken anywhere in a carry bag. You can play this game just about anywhere since it doesn’t require the space for a big game board mat.

Kids playing giant pick up sticks

Giant 4 Connect in a Row

Most people remember playing Connect 4 as a child, and it’s definitely one of the best known children’s games. It’s suitable for players age 6 and up and can be played by two players or teams of two. Giant 4 Connect retails for about $100 on and gets one positive rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars. The game can be played inside or outside although it’s not weatherproof and should be brought inside when you’re done playing. The rack is 3 feet wide by 2 feet tall with the coins 3 inches in diameter.

Playing Giant Board Games

Most of these games just need a place for you to set them up, and you’re ready to begin playing. They can be a real hit with your kids in the backyard or living room, or you can be creative and bring them to your workplace for a team building exercise!