Meatballs and Beyond

When we think of Ikea we think of furniture and instruction manuals, but the store also has some amazing and strange foods available to buy. You may not find traditional Swedish delights such as Fiskbullar, which is actually fish balls, or Lutefisk, the country’s classic dish of dried cod that’s brined with lye, rinsed then boiled or baked and served with cream or butter (it has a notoriously potent smell and a consistency like Jell-O), but there are marinated herring varieties, an incredible salmon fillet, and of course, meatballs and lingonberry jam — all quite tasty. There’s a nutrition guide for people with allergies to consult when shopping the best and weirdest foods offered at Ikea.

Prices and availability are subject to change.

Pannkakor2 / 14

Pannkakor ($8.50)

These are not pancakes like you’d get at IHOP — they’re more like French crepes, only slightly chewier, and pretty darn good rolled around whipped cream and strawberries. They can also be paired with Sylt Jorbgubb (or strawberry jam) for a treat, but we like it best with Sylt Hjortron (or cloudberry jam) for a truly Swedish experience. Easy to heat, and a lot easier than making your own crepes.

Allemansratten3 / 14

Allemanstratten ($14)

Köttbullar or meatballs are a Swedish classic and part of the Allemanstråtten (or Everyman’s) series that Ikea created to "make food for everyone." The result is a range of variations on the classic meatball (which are available at the in-store restaurant). This, however, is the beloved original, made of beef and pork and some select all-natural ingredients — onion, breadcrumbs, egg, water, and salt and pepper — and they are delicious. Pair them with mashed potatoes, cream sauce, and Sylt Lingon (or lingonberry jam).