Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) was blasted on social media after a family “friend” leaked his wife, Heidi’s, text messages about their family vacation to Cancun, Mexico.

“Text messages sent from Ms. Cruz to friends and Houston neighbors on Wednesday revealed a hastily planned trip. Their house was ‘FREEZING,’ as Ms. Cruz put it — and she proposed a getaway until Sunday. Ms. Cruz invited others to join them at the Ritz-Carlton in Cancún, where they had stayed “many times,” noting the room price this week ($309 per night) and its good security. The text messages were provided to The New York Times and confirmed by a second person on the thread, who declined to be identified because of the private nature of the texts,” the New York Times reported.

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Image via Twitter

Shortly after Cruz’s departure photos emerged of Cruz and his family at an airport. Cruz’s office refused to answer any questions about the senator’s whereabouts.

Later in the day, the Houston police confirmed that Cruz’s office had asked for their assistance for an airport trip scheduled for Wednesday.

On Thursday, photos of Cruz wheeling his suitcase in an airport in Mexico quickly went viral.

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While Cruz and his family were soaking up the sun in Cancun millions of Texans were struggling to survive without power, heat, and water in freezing temperatures.

“As the Cruzes were away, millions of Texans were still without electricity, many had no running water and the icy air that swept into the state was so severe that the Federal Emergency Management Agency had been activated to send supplies, including generators,” the Times reported.

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As Heidi Cruz’s text messages went viral social media users chimed in.

Writer Molly Knight tweeted, “So the NYT got the Cancun group text from Cruz’s friends, proving once and for all that he has none.”

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Max Burns tweeted, “So to clarify, Ted Cruz blamed his kids for his trip to Cancun, a claim immediately disproven by texts from his wife. Family values in action!”

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In a second tweet, burns added, “Can Ted Cruz please stop piling lies upon lies for one half of a split goddamn second.”

“I’m not saying Ted and Heidi Cruz are despised by the people in their innermost circle, but imagine thinking you’re close enough friends with someone to go to Mexico with them for a week and then they immediately show your texts to the New York Times, tweeted Bess Kalb.

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Matt Negrin responded with, “This story reveals text messages showing Cruz lied about how long he wanted to stay in Cancun. It even goes into his history as a self-promoter since 2013 Also doesn’t mention the Jan. 6 riot once—the insurrection he led. Their history is being erased.”

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Brian Fallon tweeted, “Even Ted Cruz’s friends and neighbors dislike him to the point they leaked the text messages that led to the Cancun getaway.”

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New York Magazine writer Yashar Ali tweeted, “Does Heidi Cruz now confront the group text about leaking their messages? I think it’s safe to assume she’ll never speak to anyone in the group again?

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In a second tweet, Ali added 2. There aren’t that many people in the group text….if this were 200 people that would be one thing.

What made the revelation of the text messages even worse was the fact that Cruz tried to lie his way out of the situation by releasing a statement claiming that his daughter had been invited on a trip by friends and he was only being a “good dad” by flying her down to Cancun and would return the following day. his wife’s text messages proved that his intent was to stay at the luxurious Ritz Carlton with his family until Sunday.