You Only Need to Do *This* Many Hours of Exercise a Week to Improve Your Mental Health (and FYI, Its Not a Lot)

We always knew hitting the gym was good for our mood (exhibit A: that happy feeling you get after a long run or a grueling ab sesh).

But little did we know there was a scientifically proven amount of fitness that would achieve optimal good vibes. A new study published in The Lancet Psychiatry journal says that amount is just two hours per week.

Yep, after analyzing data from over 1 million adults, researchers found that those who worked out a moderate amount of time (say, 45 minutes per session) saw less “gloomy” days a month than those who worked out longer and harder. Further, those who worked out three to five days a week saw improved mental health over those who didn’t at all or those who hit the pavement every. Single. Day.

The reason your coworker who often signs up for spin classes twice a day is always in a bad mood? Researchers think the excessive exercisers (those who obsess over their fitness goals) may have worse mental health due to running themselves into the ground, according to Time.

Permission to skip pilates (at least just for today): It’s for your mental health.