How To Access Microsoft Teams On PS5/PS4, Microsoft Teams PS4/PS5, Microsoft Teams. If you’ve kids, then you’re probably well aware of how useful Microsoft Teams is in regards to remote learning. With lockdown now in full swing in the UK, there’s no better time to find out how to get Microsoft Teams on PS4 and PS5. Find out more below.

How To Access Microsoft Teams On PS4 And PS5

How To Access Microsoft Teams On PS4

  • Head to your console’s Library and choose the option for games and applications.
  • Select Applications and fire up the PS4 web browser.
  • Type Microsoft Teams in the browser and then log in to your account via your username and password
  • This will give you access to all content online for your child’s home learning efforts, as well as watch live sessions
  • Don’t forget your headset if you need to interact!

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How To Access Microsoft Teams On PS5

It’s a little different on PS5 because the console’s web browser technically isn’t advertised by Sony, and requires a bit of work to get it working!

  • Head to User and Accounts in Settings of your console
  • Select Link With Other Devices
  • You’ll then access the web browser, but you’ll need to first select the small Twitter logo in the top left corner to get to the Twitter UI.
  • Log in and then you’ll have full access to web browsing on PS5.
  • Once this is done, simply follow the previous steps above to access Microsoft Teams on PS5.

Congrats, you’ve now got access to Microsoft Teams on PS4 and PS5!

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