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Designers and Insiders Dish on Their Favorite Denim Stores Across the USA

Surveying the best denim stores in America really gives you a sense of how vast and different every corner of the country really is. What flies as “denim” in one place might seem out of place in another, and of course, the pants you need for daily life in Homer, Alaska are very different from what you’d wear in Nashville.

Our guide to the best denim stores in America reflects insight from a variety of industry leaders, enthusiasts and our own experience. A good pair of jeans should stand the test of time so let this guide be an introduction to your next favorite piece of clothing.

Best Denim Store in Alabama

Billy Reid in Florence

There are few names more synonymous in modern menswear than Billy Reid. His northern Alabama flagship is a testament to his influence in both casual and formal garments and that extends to denim. Expect his signature lines along with a few other select favorites.

Best Denim Store in Alaska

Homer’s Jeans in Homer

The wild frontier demands a different kind of denim store and that’s exactly what Homer’s provides. The focus here is on high-performance and technical brands while including a few of the stalwart names that you’d find in many outdoor stores in the lower 48.

Best Denim Store in Arizona

Loop Jean Company in Tucson

College towns have to have style too. Loop Jean Company takes a bit of inspiration from the more designer-forward styles that are popular in the Phoenix area and places them in a highly-personalized approach. As they say “we don’t have an e-commerce site because jeans are a tricky thing and you should try them on before buying”. Well said, well said.

Best Denim Store in Arkansas

The Denim Shop in Hope

This small town shop focuses on more relaxed and ranch-inspired fits that reflect the community it thrives in. This is a practical, modern outfitter focused on functionality and durability in the upper South.

Best Denim Stores in California

There are so many great denim shops around the state, we couldn’t choose just one. Here are a few of our favorites:

AB Fits (San Francisco) — Modern style with a 30-year lineage.

American Rag (Los Angeles) — One of the original denim shops with high-end vintage to boot.

Lone Flag (Encinitas) — Hawking their own denim with a decidedly West Coast vibe.

Best Denim Store in Colorado

Timber Trade Co. in Denver

Best Denim Store in Colorado Timber Trade Co. in Denver

For all of the art and trendsetting to be found in Denver’s RiNo neighborhood, the curation of a store like Timber Trade Co. is still unexpected. Owner Josh Greenlee has put together a selection of the best denim brands along with an extreme emphasis on high-quality wares. While the overall footprint is small, it’s still a stunner that’s a must-visit on any trip to the Mile High City.

Best Denim Store in Connecticut

Frame in Greenwich

This small national boutique falls somewhere between high-fashion and Scandinavian styles with simple colors in classic cuts. Their clean, parceled stores definitely give off “Meatpacking District” vibes, but each store is distinctly different and built into its own environment.

Best Denim Store in Delaware

DTLR in Wilmington

There are a few states on our list that don’t have independent brick-and-mortars, so we’ll highlight a solid chain store in its place. Delaware is the first of those states and DTLR is the choice for sneakerheads who want to transfer their style into a pair of jeans. The store carries tattered and more distressed options compared to other men’s stores in the area.

Best Denim Store in Florida

Supply & Advise in Miami

The interesting thing about this downtown Miami shop is that the denim styles are more traditional than you might expect. They carry the go-to Double R L and Levi’s Vintage Clothing cuts you’ll see at similar stores, but dressed up a little more for the city’s ever-evolving social scene.

Best Denim Store in Georgia

Ponce Denim Company in Atlanta

What’s great about Ponce Denim is that they’re constantly pushing the boundaries of the fabric. Their selection runs the gamut of established brands and up-and-comers, but also includes some styles in unexpected colors and looser trims for those sweltering southern summers.

Best Denim Store in Hawaii

BAIT in Honolulu

The Aloha State has a few independent men’s stores, but none really have the denim variety that some of the mainland chain options do. In this case, Bait caters to the upscale streetwear demand in Honolulu for locals and visitors alike as their only non-contiguous outpost.

Best Denim Store in Idaho

Killer Vintage Clothing in Lewiston

Lewiston, Idaho is about the last place this writer expected to find one of the west’s most discerning vintage denim collections available both for rental and sale. Perhaps you need a pair of 501s from the 1940’s? Maybe you’ve been on the hunt for a real mid-century leather jacket to pair with it? Or do you just need to have your 1970s boot cut Wranglers restitched? This shop will do it all, with pleasure.

Best Denim Store in Illinois

Dearborn Denim & Apparel in Chicago

Dearborn is all about sensible style that’s made in America. They have a dizzying range of trims and silhouettes for both men & women and do it all at insanely reasonable price points. Whatever your need, they’re bound to have it.

Best Denim Store in Indiana

James Dant in Indianapolis

“Simply put, this is a really great men’s shop, with a classic rugged men’s aesthetic. They do a lot of denim, especially from rare and exclusive brands. Quality curation is key here, they only stock brands with a made well built to last mentality, often from smaller independent brands. They are pretty active on social media with excellent photography, they enjoy telling the story of the products they carry.” — Bahzad Trinos, Creative Director, Naked & Famous Denim

Best Denim Store in Iowa

Fontenelle Supply Co. in Des Moines

With high-quality choices sparse in this part of the country, it’s nice to see a shop sticking to the tried-and-true brands that populate well-regarded men’s stores across the country. Fontenelle’s big plus is that they’re equipped to make gorgeous custom leather goods as well.

Best Denim Store in Kansas

Standard Issue Co. in Wichita

There are a number of stores that try to nail the industrial vibe, but really only a few understand how to rock it. Standard Issue falls in that latter category with plenty of shaded indigo set against a backdrop of exposed brick. The store is well-curated with enough Middle American sensibility to remind you that you’re not in L.A. anymore.

Best Denim Store in Kentucky

RoxyNell in Louisville

This family-operated brand is primarily a women’s denim company, but has two men’s styles as well. The brand is named after matriarch Roxy Nell and reflects a simpler time of American manufacturing rooted in Louisville’s unique, hard-working culture.

Best Denim Store in Louisiana

Vidalia Mills in Vidalia

Sure, Vidalia Mills isn’t a denim store, but for any denim enthusiast, they’re one of the most exciting names in the business. The mill resurrected old Cone Denim looms from the storied White Oak plant and is bringing back some of the most sought-after selvedge anywhere (along with incredibly sustainable business practices). The mill has already provided early iterations to some of the stores on this list to great fanfare.

Best Denim Store in Maine

Joseph’s in Portland

You’re not going to find anything too crazy at this Portland institution, but after all, that’s what has kept the store in business since the early 1970s. Along with tailored and made-to-measure, the store has plenty of ready-to-wear options from some of the most reliable names in denim.

Best Denim Store in Maryland

Last Stop in Multiple Locations

With a handful of stores around the state, Last Stop caters to the denim wearer who wants a bit more fashion and a little less tradition in their jeans. While their lineup features Diesel and Hudson, there are also some bolder choices inspired by their roots in streetwear and design.

Best Denim Store in Massachusetts

Louie in South Weymouth

Louie’s brand lineup includes some of the usual suspects, but leans towards thicker, more durable fabrics to support those bitterly cold South Shore winters. Their denim choices sit nicely alongside Barbour jackets and Alden shoes with a few high boots thrown in for good measure.

Best Denim Store in Michigan

Good Neighbor in Detroit

While Good Neighbor doesn’t have the same brand depth that other stores do, it focuses on a wider range of styles within a few select companies. The store also focuses on sustainability and higher-end ranges beyond jeans: think denim jackets and the occasional short-sleeve shirt. It’s a fun variety that keeps things lively and fresh.

Best Denim Store in Minnesota

BlackBlue in St. Paul

Owner/Founder Steve Kang opened his menswear shop in 2009 and it didn’t take long for his discerning curation and style to become among the most lauded in the Midwest. The intense focus on quality comes to life through the denim selection, which features a range of styles, weights and brands that are small runs, special discoveries or just plain interesting. His store is simply a must-visit.

Best Denim Store in Mississippi

Blue Delta Jeans in Multiple Locations

Blue Delta brings together the power of data with southern inspiration to create a really intriguing lineup of denim in a range of styles suited for just about any body type. In just 11 questions, they claim they can figure out anyone’s perfect fit with virtual tailoring that’s all the more relevant in our increasingly remote world.

Best Denim Store in Missouri

Crimson Serpents Outpost in St. Louis

Reviews rave about the individual service and care owner Serge Patel gives each customer that visits his shop. The denim selection is tightly curated alongside high-level leather goods and some other timeless pieces. It’s the reputation that brings new people in and the attention to detail that keeps them coming back.

Best Denim Store in Montana

REVOLVR Menswear in Bozeman

With quality men’s options few and far in-between, a store like REVOLVR can offer a range of quality brands and styles without feeling too scattered. There’s no lack of quality, though, with plenty of raw, standard, selvedge and stretch styles to choose from. Their model has proved so popular that they’ve grown to a second store in Bend, OR.

Best Denim Store in Nebraska

Grae in Omaha

The vibe at Grae is certainly more casual and relaxed than other stores on this list, but that doesn’t take away from the eclectic mix of designers and labels they have on offer. It’s the type of store where you can pick up a well-trimmed pair of pants and a cozy collegiate jacket to go with it.

Best Denim Store in Nevada

Feature in Las Vegas

Shopping on The Strip is an experience in itself and what better place to do that than inside the Wynn Las Vegas? This is the place where you’ll find those 1/1 Billionaire Boys Club pants alongside rare Nikes and Pumas. It’s not a place for the traditionalist, but certainly a spot to do some eye-popping window shopping. (For a quieter experience, head to their shop just a short drive off the main drag.)

Best Denim Store in New Hampshire

Sault New England in Portsmouth

If you looked up New England refinement in the dictionary, you’d probably find a photo of Sault’s Portsmouth outpost. The shop is in a quintessential old-school brick building and filled with tasteful trinkets alongside a select number of great denim finds.

Best Denim Store in New Jersey

City Workshop Men’s Supply Co. in Maplewood

City Workshop is proof that you don’t need to be in the “city” to have great style. Just 45 minutes from Manhattan, the store carries Japanese and American denim alongside other selvedge cuts in canvas and more. It’s a handsome storefront that dials down the tenacity of the NYC vibe in a perfect way.

Best Denim Store in New Mexico

Standard & Strange in Santa Fe

As an artist enclave, you’d expect to find at least one store in Santa Fe like Standard & Strange. The shop is bright, airy and includes denim favorites with a unique Southwestern flare. It’s serious style without taking itself too seriously.

Best Denim Stores in New York

It should come as no surprise that NYC is an embarrassment of riches when it comes to denim, making it impossible to choose just one. These are our favorites:

What Goes Around Comes Around — An eye-popping collection of vintage denim, not to mention fine wares in several other categories.

Wooden Sleepers — Timeless pieces with a focus on vintage workwear.

Blue in Green — A full-service jean shop highlighting Japanese denim.

Best Denim Store in North Carolina

The Curatory at Raleigh Denim Workshop in Raleigh

As one of the leaders in durable, high-quality Raleigh Denim Workshop uses its HQ as part manufacturing space and part laboratory, always working with new fabrics, styles and methods. The Curatory is a mix of their own products along with other favorite brands and is a vital destination for any serious denim wearer.

Best Denim Store in North Dakota

Duluth Trading Co. in West Fargo

Duluth is known across the country for reliable outdoor and work apparel in sensible cuts at very approachable price points. This location in particular is a large store with plenty to offer in the way of technical and casual denim.

Best Denim Store in Ohio

Fera in Columbus

This shop’s commitment to sustainability and ethical fashion shines through with their design as much as the brands they carry. The layout is bright, clean and full of natural elements. On top of that, their denim selection blurs the line between classical and high-fashion with unexpected options for both top and bottom.

Best Denim Store in Oklahoma

Blue Seven in Oklahoma City

This OKC institution is a big store and, by nature, has a broad selection of gifts and goods for every taste. Their denim selection follows the same general sensibility with less focus on fashion and more on practicality.

Best Denim Store in Oregon

Self Edge in Portland

Self Edge was one of the first tenants at Portland’s hip Union Way corridor and brought with it national reputation for the broadest selection of fits and weights of any denim purveyor. On top of that, they’re known for on-point in-house tailoring and general know-how from an incomparable technical perspective.

Best Denim Store in Pennsylvania

Franklin & Mercer Co. in Pittsburgh

There’s something patriotic about supporting a sophisticated store like Franklin & Mercer. The brand lineup is dialed in and there’s solace in knowing that it’s a one-stop shop for some of the country’s best goods wrapped into the history of a city like Pittsburgh.

Best Denim Store in Rhode Island

Canterbury’s in Cranston

The denim here is a bit more upscale to fall in line with the suiting and tailoring that the shop offers. Expect that sort of timeless fashion that always looks in the moment no matter where you are or who you’re with.

Best Denim Store in South Carolina

Indigo & Cotton in Charleston

Raleigh Denim Workshop’s Victor Lytvinenko loves the curation that owner Brett Carron has built in this store that turns 10 this year. The vibe is decidedly modern while offering just enough flare (in men’s and women’s style) that reminds you you’re in Charleston.

Best Denim Store in South Dakota

J.H. & Sons in Sioux Falls

This family-run shop has its roots in Minnesota, but is an important men’s style destination for those throughout South Dakota. While the focus remains on suiting and formalwear, the denim selection complements their dedication to all things good style.

Best Denim Store in Tennessee

imogene + willie in Nashville

“Imogene,” as it’s affectionately known, ranks right up there with the most important names in modern American style. The brand has built out a south Nashville gas station into an Americana landmark with a range of style and an ever-evolving dedication to quality goods made close to home. As designer Todd Snyder puts it, “Whenever I’m in Nashville I make sure to stop by imogene + willie. It’s such a welcoming spot with an authentic local vibe, and I love that it’s a small brand founded by true denim heads.”

Best Denim Store in Texas

Deep Ellum Denim in Dallas

If there was ever a store dedicated to the hobby and sport of denim, it’s what Jeff Kauffman and Bennie Reed opened in 2017 in the heart of the city. The duo have amassed an incredible collection of brands, vintages and special pieces totaling more than 300 individual pairs of what they deem are the best jeans out there. Given the research and time they put into crafting their showcase, they’re probably right.

Check It Out Here

Best Denim Store in Utah

The Stockist in Salt Lake City

There aren’t many more approachable stores on our list than The Stockist. There’s little pomp and circumstance, but plenty of good garment choices in addition to jewelry and tasteful home goods. If you’re in need of comfy, yet refined WFH gear, look no further.

Best Denim Store in Vermont

Ecco Clothes in Burlington

Although Burlington has that casual college town vibe, that doesn’t mean there’s not a market to dress well. Ecco started as a small boutique in 1992 and grew into one the city’s most reliable sources for denim with a balanced mix of designer labels and curated brands not easily found throughout the rest of the region.

Best Denim Store in Virginia

R. Coffee Ltd. in Lynchburg

Here, you’ll find a store that refers to pants more regularly as “trousers”. R. Coffee LTD. has a stronger focus on refined leisure wear and performance items (for, say, a round of golf). Their denim choices are certainly for a slightly more established clientele who’s more focused on a looser fit while not seeming sloppy.

Best Denim Store in Washington

Blue Owl Workshop in Seattle

“Not only is the staff incredibly knowledgeable, they have the widest assortment of rare and cult jeans in North America. Their staff knows what makes each and every pair special and will make sure you leave with the perfect pair for you. While other stores may carry one or 2 of the brands they carry here, Blue Owl stocks them all, and with depth. They are a full service shop that means they will hem your jeans on the spot to ensure that when you leave the shop you are leaving with a pair of jeans that fits properly.” — Bahzad Trinos, Creative Director, Naked & Famous Denim

Best Denim Store in West Virginia

Tony the Tailor in Charleston

Denim-focused stores are a rarity in West Virginia, so the best bet is to stop into Tony The Tailor, who works more with business casual wear, but has a nice variety of everyday garments as well. Whether you need a bespoke suit or just a pair of 5-pockets for the golf course, he’ll have something to fit the bill.

Best Denim Store in Wisconsin

Milworks in Milwaukee

There’s plenty of Cream City pride here where you’ll find an assortment of brands in addition to a curated selection of Wisconsin-made goods. The style reflects Milwaukee’s working-class attitude with just enough industrial flare to feel inviting and tastefully unrefined.

Best Denim Store in Wyoming

Wyoming Outfitters in Jackson Hole

Out by the Tetons, denim simply needs to do more. This is reflected in the more technical and outdoor lines Wyoming Outfitters carries. While you’re not going to necessarily find raw and selvedge, you’ll find brands like Kuhl mixed in with Scarpa mountaineering jackets and Blundstones.

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