zack snyder justice league watch Justice League

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Zack Snyder’s Justice League is one of the year’s most-anticipated movies. Warner Bros. released a disastrous theatrical cut of Justice League back in November 2017, driving fans to demand that Snyder, the film’s original director, give them his version of the film. We don’t have long to wait. In fact, for some the wait is already over and they’ve apparently been able to watch Justice League.

Now, reports of a Snyder Cut leak have begun pouring in. Much of the word regarding the leak has come from Twitter with some saying they’ve been able to watch Justice League. You can check out a Tweet that appears to show footage from the finished cut of the film:

Now, this may be exciting for some, but please tread with caution. Keep in mind that any early leaks of the film will be swiftly taken down by Warner Bros. Some fans appear to have already been able to watch Justice League parts, or maybe even all of the film. But it is unclear if the highly-anticipated film is even still available to stream or view illegally.

If it is true that fans have indeed already been able to watch Justice League in its entirety, then it is important to know that spoilers are probably already making their way around the internet. If you are intent on going into the film fresh, it would be wise to stay wary of places such as Reddit and other forums/message boards that may not catch every spoiler their users drop.

In March 2017, mere months before the film’s scheduled release, Zack Snyder left Justice League for personal reasons. This abrupt, but necessary, departure prompted the studio to hire popular superhero director–and alleged abuser–Joss Whedon to occupy the director’s chair. The reception to Whedon’s slapdash work on the theatrical version of the film was appropriately sour. Fans captivated by Snyder’s drab but distinct style began campaigning for Snyder’s scrapped story almost immediately after that. And that yearning has made it so folks want to watch Justice League just a little early. Who could blame them?

Zack Snyder Justice League watch Justice League

It will be interesting to see if this supposed leak ends up gaining any traction. Hopefully, the vast majority of fans who are looking forward to the film don’t seek out the leaks. Instead, let’s hope they watch Justice League in a way that honors the work Zack Snyder and company put into making it the best version of the film possible. Regardless of how good or bad his cut ends up being, it will be really fun to see a new superhero film that, by all accounts, really was not supposed to happen. Snyder overcame some pretty steep obstacles and made something that his stalwarts will likely be extremely fond of, and that is absolutely worth celebrating. The journey here is a remarkable one and it is going to be great to see how it all pays off.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League hits HBO Max on March 18. If you can wait a month, then you will be able to watch Justice League as it was meant to be seen. Not a grainy, watermarked version that was leaked onto the internet.