There are plenty of ways to be frustrated by a movie, but a horrible ending is one of them that is the worst since it leaves the audience with a sour taste in their mouth, so to speak. A great deal of buildup during a great movie can be ruined with one lackluster ending no matter how much people might want to claim that this isn’t so. For those that know how to push ahead and disregard a bad ending in favor of enjoying the whole story, a bad ending is just a speed bump, but it’s still noticeable. It’s regrettable though since movies that get rolling in such a manner that the audience can’t help but watch with baited anticipation to see what happens next. Unfortunately, those movies that are this great are expected to have an ending that might leave people with a need to catch their breath and wonder if things will ever again be as great as they were in this one experience. But with some cinematic experiences, the overall feeling of being let down is felt when an ending is simply plopped into the audience’s collective lap or dragged out to such a degree that one wonders why the movie didn’t end sooner.

Here are a few good movies that were kind of ruined by bad endings.

5. Wonder Woman

There are plenty of arguments as to how good this movie really was since when it came out it was deemed to be great since it empowered women and made it known that a female superhero could be just as strong if not stronger than men and would be a figure that could be seen as insanely positive. But the ending of this movie made a lot of people sit there dumbfounded as Diana went jumping into the distance without any clear landing site in mind, and no goal that she was aiming for in sight. Plus, the battle with Ares was so anticlimactic that it was kind of painful to watch since the god of war should have been able to put up a slightly better fight.

4. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

So let’s put it this way, there might have been a better way for Grindelwald to reveal to Credence that he was a Dumbledore, if it’s true at all, but he did manage to get a pretty solid weapon to point at his old friend turned nemesis in the bargain. The power that Credence is capable of is simply immense, and one has to wonder if even at his best, Dumbledore would be able to take on just Credence, let alone Credence and Grindelwald together. But now that Dumbledore might have a means to finally fight against his old comrade it’s fair to say that his hands will be less tied and he’ll be able to devise a way to make it work.

3. The Shawshank Redemption

It might sound kind of harsh, but it might have been better to end the movie with Red still in prison, or perhaps at his parole hearing since otherwise it just feels as though the ending of this movie dragged out in true Stephen King style. The funny thing about this is that the original story was a short story, not a novel that would have spanned for hours and hours. This is kind of how it goes with King movies though since they’re either short and horrible or long and drawn out and still horrible, since there’s a middle ground in there somewhere, but it’s rarely ever found, and when people think it is, it still comes out horrible.

2. Law-Abiding Citizen

Call it anarchy if you’d like, but the system that Clyde was going after was most definitely broken, but his method of taking it down was absolutely brutal and not quite the way it should happen. But still, if the system can’t be held accountable it feels like it might only be a matter of time until someone like Clyde comes around to bring a little bit of chaotic order to the whole mess, especially if it might change peoples’ minds about what happens to those that harm others. In a way, this ending was inevitable, but it still feels as though those at City Hall should have been held accountable for a part of the mess, maybe.

1. It: Chapter 2

The clown, was killed, by being bullied. Run that through your head a time or two and see if it makes sense at all. A creature of such immense power, that was ancient, and powerful, and could have easily taken the Losers down in one giant swipe of a talon, was beaten by insults and belittling comments that caused it to shrink in size and eventually become too weak to exist any longer. How in the world was this supposed to come off as anything but lame?

A bad ending can ruin a lot of goodwill towards a movie.