Gordon Ramsay's scrambled eggs with a twist served

There are a million ways to make scrambled eggs, but some cooks swear celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s method is the best. One such devotee is Susan Olayinka, who blogs at The Flexible Fridge. As the United Kingdom-based Olayinka told Mashed, "I like Gordon’s recipe as it produces the creamiest eggs I have ever made." How does Ramsay pull this off?

Perhaps it is the unique cooking approach, which instructs cooks to pull the eggs on and off the heat during the cooking process. Meanwhile, Olayinka explained, "The eggs are not overcooked as you are taking the eggs off and on the heat. This prevents a rubbery egg from happening. This method is also different because the seasoning is added last — salt draws water out of eggs and makes them grey and watery. So, seasoning last prevents that."

Or maybe the delicious texture of the eggs has to do with one particular ingredient: crème fraîche. Either way, Olayinka, who enjoys making Gordon Ramsay’s scrambled eggs with a twist for her family for a weekend breakfast, says, "I will never make scrambled eggs the regular way again!" That said, she was inspired to give Gordon Ramsay’s scrambled eggs a twist.

Gather a few simple ingredients for Gordon Ramsay’s scrambled eggs with a twist

Gordon Ramsay's scrambled eggs with a twist ingredients

The ingredients needed for Gordon Ramsay’s scrambled eggs with a twist are pretty simple to pull together. You will need three eggs, butter, crème fraîche, sea salt, paprika, onion powder, chili, and garlic powder. Never made eggs with crème fraîche before? We asked Olayinka what this ingredient lends to the scramble, and as she explained to Mashed, "The crème fraîche adds a creamy, rich taste."

But why not recruit another dairy product for the eggs — say, one you may already have on hand in the fridge? "Milk will make the eggs watery," notes Olayinka. And many cooks believe milk also makes eggs taste, well, less eggy. Olayinka also told us, "The crème fraîche adds to the fluffy texture of the eggs." Don’t have this ingredient on hand but you simply must try this recipe ASAP? "Sour cream can also be used," she said.

Combine eggs and butter for Gordon Ramsay’s scrambled eggs with a twist

eggs and butter on stove for Gordon Ramsay's scrambled eggs with a twist

Once your ingredients are assembled, start to prepare Gordon Ramsay’s esteemed scrambled eggs with a twist by first cracking three eggs into a pot over medium heat. Okay, now is when you will add your butter — not before. Indeed, this method sets you on a different course from the start, since traditionally, one would heat the butter or oil first before adding in the eggs.

Meanwhile, some chefs swear that using olive oil instead of butter is the key to the best scrambled eggs. But if you want to follow Ramsay’s recipe to a tee, you will stick with butter. Once the butter is added — and using unsalted is best here, since remember, you add in salt later — Olayinka instructs home cooks to mix the ingredients together using a silicone spatula.

Employ Gordon Ramsay’s unique on-and-off heat method

eggs on heat for Gordon Ramsay's scrambled eggs with a twist

Pay attention here, because this cooking method is key for Gordon Ramsay’s scrambled eggs with a twist. You will cook your eggs and butter for two minutes over the heat. As it starts to thicken and your butter is melted, you will take the pot off the stove and continuing mixing the eggs for 20 seconds.

Next, place your pot back on the stove and continue mixing. Now, your eggs get a second break from the stove with another 20-second mix sans heat. Back on the stove they go, with Olayinka noting they should be coming together now.

We asked her why this cooking method works, and she reiterated to Mashed, "Taking the eggs off and on the heat prevents the egg from overcooking." She notes that overcooked eggs will be rubbery and tough, which of course, no one desires. Instead, as she said about Ramsay’s approach, "This method keeps it light and fluffy."

What did we change?

Gordon Ramsay's scrambled eggs with a twist cooking

At this stage of Gordon Ramsay’s scrambled eggs with a twist recipe, you will remove your scrambled from the heat and stir in your crème fraîche.

Now, the twist, which anyone who enjoys a spicy breakfast will fall in love with. And it’s so simple to elevate your eggs to a flavorful bite by simply adding the salt, paprika, onion powder, chilli, and garlic powder.

Indeed, as Olayinka told us, "My twist is a Mexican one. I find using a combination of Mexican spices to things like eggs brings a lot of flavor to the recipe." Meanwhile, this twist won’t have you running to the sink to gulp water, with Olayinka explaining about her added ingredients, "They add a mild spicy flavor which really gives the eggs a kick."

She further explained about her choice of spices, "The chilli adds a lovely, mild spicy flavor, while the paprika adds a sweet peppery taste, and the onion and garlic powder add a savory taste." If you are not a fan of one of these spices, you can, of course, leave it out.

Serve up your Gordon Ramsay’s scrambled eggs with a twist

Gordon Ramsay's scrambled eggs with a twist on plate

The last step to realizing egg glory a la Gordon Ramsay — but with a twist, of course — is to serve your scramble over toasted sourdough bread, which is a favorite trick of the British chef. You can obviously buy a loaf of sourdough while you are shopping for your egg dish ingredients, but if you are feeling truly adventurous and you have the time, why not attempt to bake your own sourdough at home?

You will want to avoid common mistakes, like not storing and caring for your sourdough starter properly, using the right flour, or adding baking soda to your batter. But give yourself a little grace too. After some trial and error, we have full confidence you can master both this scrambled egg recipe and flaky and delicious sourdough bread. And when you do, um, can we come over for breakfast?

Gordon Ramsay's scrambled eggs with a twist on plate
Ready in 15 minutes