Ashes of Creation Shows Off Alpha Gameplay in Latest Dev Stream

In the latest Developer Stream, Ashes of Creation’s Steven Sharif shows off the progress Intrepid Studios has made.

The 30-minute video previews some Alpha 1 gameplay, including racing rhino’s and some PvP. The team has been listening to feedback from their community, with some changes to combat, the fireball skill, and underwater blur as mentioned in the tweet below:

?? More 4K footage!’ve taken your feedback on combat, fireball, and the underwater blur! As a reminder, this is still early Alpha One Preview footage with more changes to come. We love you all and hope you enjoy following our development journey! ??

— Ashes of Creation (@AshesofCreation) February 26, 2021

Ashes of Creation has been on a hiring spree lately, as they gear up for their upcoming Alpha 1 test in April. If you’re hoping to get into the game’s Alpha test phases, currently only Ashes of Creation packages to gain access to Alpha 2 are available, but Sharif has mentioned Alpha 1 access may be sold again sometime soon.