17-Bit Games has announced Song In The Smoke, a survival game built entirely within VR, releasing for PSVR in 2021.

As you explore the world you are granted multiple options to take out creatures and continue your survival, crafting weapons, carving a tree branch into a bow, starting a fire for warmth, or try to take a predator out while it is hunting you.

The PlayStation Blog describes how you can track an animal’s scent and follow its footprints, sharpening your sense. The goal is to stave off hunger, choose campsite locations to rest in, and taking out enemies to gain resources. More valuable rewards are out in the wild at night, but the threats are also greater. The PlayStation Blog goes into more detail about the game and 17-Bit Games’ goals. Previously, the team has worked on the Galak-Z series of games.

You can watch the Song In The Smoke PSVR announcement trailer below:

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Song In The Smoke releases for PSVR in 2021 and will be playable on PS5 via backwards compatibility.