Developer Housemarque has released a new story trailer for its highly anticipated PS5-exclusive Roguelike action title, Returnal.

Check it out below.

Returnal is scheduled for release on PS5 on April 30, and will make full use of the PS5’s DualSense controller. Recently, Housemarque spoke about its haptic feedback support, stating that the technology offer a ‘new layer of fidelity and expression possibilities.’

Be sure to watch the latest Returnal gameplay trailer here to see how the title is shaping up ahead of launch.

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In addition to utilising the PS5’s DualSense features, Returnal is also making fine use of the console’s SSD, which will ensure that load times are pretty much eliminated so that dying will be less frustrating. Thanks to the nature of the game, Housemarque is looking to offer players ‘unlimited replay value‘ with Returnal.

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