You read the title right, as someone decided to make up a list of what type of Girl Scout Cookies could be used to represent select characters from The Lord of the Rings. There are probably plenty of people that could deliver their own version of this idea since let’s be honest, those cookies are by far and large some of the best that a person can get their hands on. In fact, they’re good enough that some people actually mark the date on the calendar when they can purchase them once again as it’s considered an event all its own when the cookies become available. Some folks might say that a cookie is a cookie, and there are some that would be right since baked goods are always subject to the personal tastes of those that eat them, but for one reason or another, Girl Scout Cookies have been the desired product for quite some time. Some might say it’s all about tradition, others might say that some of the cookies are just that good, but one thing is evident, and it’s that if people can’t get their Girl Scout Cookie fix then it’s almost like the end of the world at times.

Here are a few characters that have been matched up with various cookies that the Girls Scouts are known to sell.

Flawed would definitely describe Frodo, but there is that tough interior that allows him to carry the ring. Otherwise, he’s the kind of character that does crumble on the outside since he’s not a fighter and he’s not even that great at being anything but the best friend to stronger characters. If he’d been on his way to Mordor alone he would have been lost pretty early on in the adventure. A lot of people happen to like him, but he’s the kind of individual that can’t carry it all on his own.

Sam is kind of the everyman at one point since when he starts out he’s simply there and isn’t exactly useful but he’s not a burden either. As the story goes along though he becomes someone that a person might be glad to have there since he’s reliable and dependable. When all is said and done he could easily crumble, but he has a tougher exterior than people give him credit for and his inner strength is that he becomes more useful the longer he’s around.

Pippin is kind of an odd character since he’s not entirely useful to be sure, especially in the beginning, but he’s also the type of character that brings a bit of fun to the party since he’s not capable of being serious at all times and yet he’s likely to be dependable when he’s really needed. A lot of people might actually have tossed Pippin in a lake at one point if they’d been in the party, but they would have missed him afterward.

Merry is about as useful as Pippin to start with, but he’s the more serious of the two since he can actually take direction and possesses more strength to his character from the start. Still, being that he’s a smaller individual he has to overcome a lot of challenges to even be noticed. All the same, Merry is the kind of individual that people might realize has more to his character than the carefree, happy-go-lucky personality he displays at first.

That part about never expiring is funny to be sure. Legolas is one of the most dependable of the bunch but he’s also among the most haughty since elves are seen in LOTR to be a little bit full of themselves at times, for good reason in some ways. While it’s a little bit annoying, Legolas is the kind of guy that anyone would be wise to keep around and to let have his freedom simply because he knows how valuable he can be.

Gimli is kind of just there in some ways, but he’s there in the best of ways when it really counts. He’s reliable, dependable, but definitely has the personality of a talkative brick at times since he’s rough and a bit coarse in his manner. Still, there is a lot of heart to him and he’s definitely someone that people would want to keep around since he satisfies a big need within any group that can’t be replaced.

He’s not the gold standard but Gandalf is the old and reliable kind of help that might appear flighty and not at all exciting, even though he’s someone that people can’t help but admit is absolutely necessary and even useful. The part about being celebrated and reviled is pretty funny since it’s quite true with Gandalf since he’s the kind of guy that does keep coming back when he’s needed.

This comes down to the idea of everyone wanting Aragorn around and only the oddballs not liking him in the least. He’s the cooler-than-hell ranger that’s calm in a crisis and highly dependable in any situation, which is what a lot of people want. Those that don’t like Aragorn are kind of hard to find but they’re also hard to figure out since it’s too difficult not to like this guy.

Boromir is the individual that people can’t really stand all the time but can take in small doses since there’s a lot of heart to his character, but he’s still so complicated at times that it’s difficult to really stand him for long periods of time. Seriously, he’s the type that people might pass up for the others, but will come back to since he’s worth it.

That was some good matching.

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