In 2019, 2K Sports released the latest entry in its wrestling franchise, WWE 2K20. Featuring the stars of World Wrestling Entertainment’s many programs, along with the ability to create your own superstar to jump into the roster, you’d think that the game would be a hit, right?

Unfortunately, no. Since its release, the game has hit rock bottom on the Metacritic front, with a 44 on PlayStation 4 and an even lower 39 on Xbox One, not to mention the negative social media buzz between reviewers and WWE fans alike. So why did it fail? Some will say it’s the hilariously awful glitches that WWE 2K20 has produced thus far. But the problems go much deeper than that, with some features taking a step backward from what WWE 2K19 accomplished in the previous year.

With that, let’s take a closer look at the critical mistakes that this year’s entry made. And hopefully, they’ll serve as guidance for the developers at Visual Concepts and the publishers at 2K Sports to come back strong with next year’s WWE 2K21. If that’s the plan they follow, that is.