In case you have always wondered but never asked, the Paleo Diet takes its name from the Paleolithic era, colloquially called the Stone Age, and which spanned from roughly 2.58 million years to 11,700 years ago (via Britannica). During this era, early modern humans were hunter-gatherers, thus had diets consisting of things like fish, game, seeds, fruits, and other foods that did not require cultivation, according to Mayo Clinic.

During the Paleolithic era, humans were not yet raising crops like wheat, and thus, there was no bread. So how can this delicious banana bread fit the Paleo Diet inspired by Stone Age humans? Easy: it’s grain-free. But though it lacks in grain, it hardly lacks in taste, says chef and recipe developer Sher Castellano: "It has a pretty similar texture [to regular banana bread], maybe just a touch more dense, but in a good way. The flavor is nutty, vanilla-y, and banana rich."

And though this Paleo-friendly bread may be inspired by the diet of humankind from many years past, you can enjoy it any time you want, whether as part of breakfast, as a pre-gym snack, or even as a warm and hearty treat. "It could be served warm with vanilla ice cream for a dessert," says Castellano "Or with a little butter for anytime of day."

Let’s not waste any more time before we get right to it, though!

Gather your ingredients for making paleo banana bread

If you keep almond flour in the house, you likely have all the ingredients needed for this bread on hand at all times. So any time you have a few bananas turning a bit past ripe is a great time to make a loaf.

You’ll need one and a half cups of mashed bananas (or approximately three medium bananas), three eggs, two tablespoons of maple syrup, one teaspoon of vanilla extract, two and a third cups of fine almond flour, one and a half teaspoons of baking powder, and a half teaspoon of fine sea salt.

Pre-heat, prepare the pan, and mash the bananas for paleo banana bread

Start by pre-heating your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, line a nine-by-five-inch loaf pan with parchment paper.

Now, mash the bananas in a medium-sized bowl with a fork or a potato masher, crushing away at them until they are pureed. Don’t bother with a blender or "a stand mixer, [that] would be overkill," says Castellano. "There’s few ingredients and it all mixes by hand fairly easily."

If your bananas won’t mash up into a nice, wet mush, they’re just not ripe enough, fyi.

Mix in the rest of the ingredients for paleo banana bread

Add the eggs, maple syrup, and vanilla extract to the mashed banana and whisk these ingredients together until the mixture is smooth. Then, whisk in the almond flour, baking powder, and salt and mix until the batter is even and the ingredients are fully combined.

"Steer clear of over-mixing," cautions Castellano. "The batter will be ready as soon as the ingredients are mixed thoroughly."

Over-mixing the batter may result in a bread that is too tough and dense and might not bake properly, either, Castellano advises.

Bake the paleo banana bread

Pour the banana bread batter into the prepared loaf pan and give it a few taps on the counter to release air bubbles. Then, use a spoon to spread the batter into an even layer.

Now, bake the bread for 50 minutes on the center rack. The bread will be done when the edges are pulled from the pan and the top is lightly cracked and golden brown.

Turn off the oven and leave the bread inside for 10 minutes. Then, pull the bread out and let it cool for 20 minutes. Once cooled, cut the loaf into 10 thick slices and enjoy!