As much as you love the hustle of city life, you’re tired of shelling out thousands of dollars per month for a small studio with noisy neighbors and barely any closet space. It’s a dilemma many of us are facing right now, and if you’re considering upending your life to get more bang for your buck, you want to make sure your next destination offers just as much art and adventure as your current surroundings…while being more budget-friendly and, perhaps, with a less frantic pace of life. But does such a place exist? Yes, friends: Here are the 10 most affordable cities for renters in the U.S., according to They check off all of those boxes, making choosing your new address a (tiny) bit easier.

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10. Omaha, NE

Maybe the big-city rent is not your problem, but you just need more space and cleaner air. If that’s the case, Omaha might be your best bet. With a population of 478,192, this midwestern city is perfect for the person who likes the fast life, but at a steadier pace. The average rent for a studio is $871, a one-bedroom is $954, and a two-bedroom goes for $1,236. There’s plenty to do here, too, from visiting Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium (home of the largest indoor rainforest in North America) to taking a bike ride across the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge. Also, legend has it that the Reuben sandwich was invented in Omaha (though New Yorkers will most likely beg to differ).

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