The British royal family is slowly getting back to their normal routines after the devasting loss of Prince Philip. On Friday, two weeks after the Duke of Edinburgh’s death announcement, members of the fam have all returned their social media profile photos back to images of themselves. Allow us to explain.

Shortly after Philip’s passing, Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton, immediately paid tribute on their joint social media accounts. In fact, they completely changed their Twitter page, replacing their main photo with one of Prince Philip.

In addition, on both Twitter and Instagram, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge changed their profile picture. What used to be a family photo had become the royal couple’s "cypher"—aka a joint monogram of their individual cyphers—a cursive letter W intertwined with the cursive letter C underneath a crown. The letters obviously stand for William and Catherine, respectively. A similar switch was made for Prince Charles’s Clarence House accounts and Queen Elizabeth’s Royal Family accounts.

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